Thu 14 Sep 2023 8:41 am - Jerusalem Time

"Hamas" and "Jihad" express rejection of continuation of clashes in "Ain al-Hilweh"

Last night, Hamas and Islamic Jihad affirmed their rejection of the continuation of armed clashes in the Ain al-Hilweh camp in southern Lebanon.

This came during the reception of the Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Ziad Al-Nakhalah, in the presence of the head of the Department of Arab and International Relations and member of the Political Bureau, Ihsan Ataya, a leadership delegation from the “Hamas” movement, headed by the deputy head of the movement abroad and member of the Political Bureau, Musa Abu Marzouk, which included: Head of the Department of National Relations. Abroad, Ali Baraka, and the movement’s representative in Lebanon, Ahmed Abdel Hadi.

The two sides focused on the seriousness of the deplored clashes taking place in Ain al-Hilweh camp, which led to the death and injury of dozens of residents of the camp and the neighborhood, the destruction of homes and property, the displacement of people, the disruption of people’s lives and harm to their interests, and the closure of schools and institutions. According to a statement by the Jihad movement.

The two movements stressed that the fighting that is taking place is against the will of the Palestinian people, and only serves the occupation and the suspicious projects targeting the Palestinian camps, in order to erase the refugee issue and pass the displacement and resettlement projects that are completely rejected. As stated in the statement.

The two movements said: “The continuation of the clashes targets the Palestinian national situation in the camps, targets security and stability in Lebanon, and harms the national interest and the Palestinian cause.”

They condemned any internal fighting by anyone, and the statement called on everyone to immediately cease fire, calling on the Palestinian resistance forces to lift the cover on all those involved in these clashes, and to close ranks and unify the Palestinian position in confronting the Israeli occupation alone.

The two movements continued: “The necessity of arresting those involved in crimes, and handing them over to the competent Lebanese authorities, does not justify the threat to civil peace in the camp and the neighborhood, and it cannot be at the expense of our camps, our people, and our Lebanese brothers.”


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"Hamas" and "Jihad" express rejection of continuation of clashes in "Ain al-Hilweh"