Wed 13 Sep 2023 10:06 am - Jerusalem Time

Updated|| After "Alquds" scoop: Ben Gvir and Smotrich feel angry... Will they lead the Israeli government to dismantle?!

Disagreements within the Israeli government have become more public than ever before, with its Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, ignoring the voices of far-right ministers and their demands, in contrast to what was happening in previous times when their demands were met.

It seems that Netanyahu is trying to maintain his political standing, at least vis-à-vis the United States, in the hope of obtaining an invitation to visit the White House.

This new crisis comes against the backdrop of a report published in, and reported by various Hebrew, Arab and international media, about the Palestinian Authority receiving weapons, equipment and armored vehicles from the United States, with American support, Jordanian mediation, and with the approval of the right-wing Israeli government.

After publication in, Hebrew media later confirmed the news through Israeli security sources.

Sources close to Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, who is the minister responsible for civil administration in the Army Ministry, said he was very angry at the news of the Palestinian Authority handing over weapons.

The sources said that Smotrich will hold a special session today to discuss this, as reported by Hebrew Channel 7.

While his brother, in a tweet to him, called for the dissolution of the Israeli government.

A WhatsApp group for ministers in the Israeli government witnessed a sharp and angry discussion, in which the ministers demanded clarifications, stressing that the issue had not been presented for a vote or discussion.

Commenting on this, Netanyahu's office said that only armor was transported and there were no weapons, which was confirmed by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant.

Previously, yesterday, Netanyahu ignored a new request from the Minister of the so-called National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, in the cabinet session, to issue orders to tighten the conditions of detention of Palestinian prisoners, especially with regard to reducing family visits to them from twice a month to once.

This prompted Ben Gvir to invite members of his party to a special meeting to discuss their next steps in light of ignoring their demands and implementing Ben Gvir’s own policies that he had promised to implement during the election campaign.

Yesterday and in recent days, Ben Gvir entered into a public controversy with Netanyahu regarding this issue, and Netanyahu asked him to stop these provocations.

According to the Reshet Kan channel, Ben Gvir decided to go to the Knesset to vote on a resolution related to tightening the conditions of detention of Palestinian prisoners.


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Updated|| After "Alquds" scoop: Ben Gvir and Smotrich feel angry... Will they lead the Israeli government to dismantle?!