Tue 12 Sep 2023 8:00 pm - Jerusalem Time

"Hamas" comments on "Al-Quds"'s news on weapons handed over PA

  1. Hazem Qassem, spokesman for the Hamas movement, said on Tuesday evening that the United States’ support for the security services of the Palestinian Authority, with weapons, aims to strengthen these agencies to confront the escalating resistance in the West Bank. like he said.

  2. Qassem added in a press statement: The United States has always been hostile to our people and their rights, and cannot provide any support to the security services except to achieve the interests of the occupation only. According to him.

  3. He continued: American support for the security services and the Palestinian Authority comes after the occupation’s inability to confront resistance in the West Bank after its escalation and expansion, and as part of the outcomes of security meetings with the United States and various parties. like he said.

  4. He called on those affiliated with the security services to always side with their national cause, support and support the resistance, and protect their people from the invasion of the occupation.

  5. Yesterday, on, through private sources, a report was published indicating that the United States had delivered weapons, equipment, and armored vehicles to the Palestinian Authority, under Jordanian sponsorship and with the approval of the right-wing Israeli government.

  6. Various Hebrew, Arab and local media reported on the news, citing, amid condemnation from some members of the Knesset on the extreme right of their government’s approval of this.


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"Hamas" comments on "Al-Quds"'s news on weapons handed over PA