Tue 01 Aug 2023 1:52 pm - Jerusalem Time

Palestinian leader discloses new information on Egypt reconciliation talks

A Palestinian leader who took part in reconciliation talks between different Palestinian factions in Egypt over the weekend has disclosed new information to Al-Quds.

Walid Al-Awad, a member of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian People's Party, revealed that his party presented an initiative that prohibits political arrests and not exclude the resistance's weapons in any internal disputes.

While all parties rejected political arrests in principle, Palestinian President Abbas rejected the notion that the PA had carried out arrests on "political grounds," and that those arrested had attacked public, police and security headquarters. He invited all factions who disputed this to independently verify his claim. 

Al-Awad said in an interview with that the meeting "discussed political issues and visions in detail" for the first time in years, and focused on narrowing political differences rather than solving them entirely, in order to confront the Israeli occupation as effectively as possible.

Other aspects that were agreed upon by consensus was the role of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) as the sole legitimate representative of the people, and the need to reactivate the body and elect its representatives.

Al-Awad said that while the meeting only lasted four hours, but "opened the door for dialogue." He also pointed to the agreement to hold regular meetings as another positive step, and said that it was essential to name and kick start the follow-up committee as soon as possible.


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Palestinian leader discloses new information on Egypt reconciliation talks