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The Palestinian Authority in response to the "Jenin Battalion": No complacency or courtesy in applying the law

The Palestinian Authority confirmed, this evening, Monday, that it will not be negligent, negligent, or flattering in applying the law and public security in the Palestinian governorates, and that it will cut off any hand that tamper with security.

This came in a statement by the Ministry of the Interior, and another by the Governor of Jenin, Major General Akram Rajoub, in response to a statement by the Jenin Brigade accusing the security services of violating an agreement with them related to providing security for the visit of President Mahmoud Abbas, and for stopping any political arrests against its cadres and elements, considering what is happening against them as " An unpatriotic and immoral act,” she called for marches in various governorates this evening.

The Ministry of the Interior said that there will be no complacency or negligence in applying the law and public security, stressing the commitment to preserving our political and national constants aimed at achieving the aspirations of the Palestinian people for freedom and independence.

In a statement today, Monday, the ministry affirmed its full commitment to implementing the directives of President Mahmoud Abbas to work continuously to implement the rule of law and provide security and safety for our people in all places of their presence, warning everyone who begged himself to harm the security of Palestine and its people, and that it will cut off the hand of anyone who tries Tampering with the security, stability and interests of our country and our stationed people.

For his part, Major General Rajoub said, in a statement, that the arrests took place on the background of the attack on the police station in the town of Jaba and the burning of a large part of it, in addition to a police vehicle, and the threat of the station's personnel, taking advantage of the general situation's preoccupation with what Jenin and its camp were exposed to at dawn on the day the station was burned on the 3rd. from this month.

He pointed out that after the aggression stopped, the security services began their investigations to find the instigators and attackers of the center, and arrested a number of them without any considerations of any political motives or organizational affiliations, indicating that among them were members of the Islamic Jihad and Hamas, and the first detainee involved was from the Fatah movement.

He said: The honorable and struggling people of Jaba know this very well, so there is no room for prevarication and courtesy at the expense of law and order.

Rajoub emphasized that when the security establishment arrests any Palestinian citizen, regardless of his crime or affiliation, it carries out its duties with all professionalism and responsibility and is governed by the law that guarantees every citizen the right to litigate and defend himself. like he said.


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The Palestinian Authority in response to the "Jenin Battalion": No complacency or courtesy in applying the law