Mon 17 Jul 2023 11:27 am - Jerusalem Time

Shtayyeh: Reducing water quotas is a racist and discriminatory measure

Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh considered, on Monday, the move of the Israeli company, "Mekorot", to sharply reduce the water quotas allocated to the governorates of Bethlehem and Hebron, as a serious discriminatory measure aimed at depriving the residents of the two governorates of their most basic rights to water.

Shtayyeh said, at the outset of his government’s weekly session, that this step was taken at a time when the occupying state is doubling the quantities of water for the benefit of the colonizers, noting that the average Palestinian per capita consumption does not exceed 72 liters per day, while the Israeli consumes 320 liters per day, of Palestinian water, which is A right for every Palestinian. like he said.

In another context, the Prime Minister welcomed the decision of the Human Rights Council to develop the database of operating companies, or those involved in direct or indirect activities in working in the settlements, praising the countries that supported this decision, and calling on the countries that did not support it to review their positions and stop encouraging the occupation. for his crimes.

Shtayyeh referred to the escalation of the Israeli aggression and the terror of the colonizers, pointing to their focus on the Palestinian archaeological sites, especially the storming of the town of Sebastia, as part of the continuous attempts to control and Judaize the archaeological area in the town, as well as what the archaeological area of ​​"Ain al-Hawiya" is exposed to, west of the village of Husan in the Bethlehem Governorate, which is full of With the eyes of water and ponds, where the occupation and its settlers seek to turn it into a religious and tourist destination for settlers.

Shtayyeh called on UNESCO to assume its international responsibilities in protecting the archaeological and heritage sites in Palestine from attempts to extend control, Judaization and Israeliization.

On the results of the secondary school "Tawjihi" next Thursday, the Prime Minister expressed his wishes for success for the students, calling on them to choose the appropriate majors and professions that meet their needs and desires in Palestine.

He pointed out that the cabinet will discuss in its session the political, financial and security conditions, and follow up the process of rebuilding Jenin and the Jenin camp, Israeli violations against Palestinian children, projects to support the Jerusalem governorate, infrastructure projects such as schools, roads, etc., the development of the student loan fund, and the job formations schedule for the current year. .


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Shtayyeh: Reducing water quotas is a racist and discriminatory measure