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Privileges, not facilities.. “Yediot” reveals the details of the “Cabinet” meeting

The Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth published, on Monday morning, details of the meeting held by the Israeli Cabinet, the Cabinet, on preventing the collapse of the Palestinian Authority.

Yesterday evening, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement in which he spoke of the cabinet’s agreement to take steps aimed at preventing the collapse of the Palestinian Authority, in exchange for the latter taking steps related to stopping its activities against Israel politically and legally, in reference to the International Criminal Court, in addition to what was described as “incitement.” in the educational curricula, stopping the payment of salaries to the families of martyrs and prisoners, and halting construction, which was described as "illegal" in Area C.

According to the Hebrew newspaper, the Cabinet did not agree to any facilitation, especially with regard to economic issues that require the approval of the Ministry of Finance, such as fuel cuts and debt cancellation, especially in light of the opposition of the extremist National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir and the extremist Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich.

Some concessions will be granted to the Palestinian Authority that do not require a decision by the Cabinet or the government.

The newspaper described the meeting as "stormy", during which the extremist Ben Gvir said: "You live in delusions, and you think that the Palestinian Authority hates us less than Hamas ... They call for the killing of Jews in textbooks, and say that the Jews are unclean, and pay salaries to terrorists." In the end, they will turn their weapons on us, and you want to strengthen them.”

A senior security official, who did not reveal his identity, responded to Ben Gvir's words during the meeting: "The authority uses its weapons against the factions, not just Hamas," while Ben Gvir replied: "You live in illusions. If they are strong, they will point their guns at our soldiers, and this happened." already earlier."

During the meeting, security officials warned that the Palestinian Authority is in a difficult situation and even in danger of collapse, stressing that Israel needs to strengthen it through large projects to save it, while one of the ministers said: "They are in a better condition than you think."

The newspaper pointed out that the steps that will be taken will be related to the civil life situation and are not steps related to the economic reality of the Palestinian Authority, in light of the rejection of some ministers of any such step.


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Privileges, not facilities.. “Yediot” reveals the details of the “Cabinet” meeting