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After the curtain fell on hypersonic, will the dispute deepen between Tehran and the West?

After Iran announced the readiness of the hypersonic missile (Fatah), and after the announcement of the commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Major General Hossein Salami, and the commander of the Air Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, and a number of other leaders of the Revolutionary Guards announced the unveiling of the missile (Fatah) and the announcement of the Revolutionary Guards that This hypersonic ballistic missile was manufactured by the experts of the Aerospace Industry Center of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, so Iran strengthened its military arsenal at all levels, and it is the first time that it manufactures a hypersonic ballistic missile, and this announcement comes while the West has been trying for more than a year to revive the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action regarding The nuclear agreement that was reached in the year 2015 between the major powers and Tehran, and according to the French Foreign Ministry spokesman, he said that Iran is involved in a nuclear escalation that is very disturbing to Israel and the world, and this is what has become known as cutting the hair between Tehran and the West, so Iran despite the warnings of the West after the unveiling of Its ballistic missile says it is within the framework of international law, and there are no violations that warrant this incitement and condemnation. Therefore, with this statement, Tehran is continuing its policy of increasing its progress in the field of aerospace power, and this Iranian flight in the space of military diversity is perhaps a tactic in light of the world's preoccupation with the Ukrainian-Russian war and the situation fragile interior in Israel.
Confused Israel
France's insistence on accusing Iran of manufacturing a hypersonic missile is tantamount to excessive western-Iranian rapprochement, with regard to settling the nuclear file. I do not believe that the French regime does not represent the whole of Europe as a front to clash with Tehran, and at the same time the rest of the European countries have their swords and hearts with Israel while keeping A Moawiah’s hair is stretched between them and Tehran. As for the American official level, there is no official response regarding what Iran has produced, a “hypersonic missile,” until the writing of this article. However, all that worries Israel worries the Americans. The response is clear: more boycotts in the foreseeable future, but it remains The international dispute with Tehran is possible. The question is, is the production of this missile just protection and fear of an Israeli-American attack? This is what Tehran explains, so doubt, fear and anxiety remain from the days of the leaders of the occupying state, with this I can say that Iran has shuffled the cards and increased the gap between it and the world, and the European card for settling the Iranian nuclear file has become in the wind, with this the ball is in the Israeli court, as the possibility of launching raids Israel in the Iranian depth is on the table of the mini-cabinet, but it is limited, and remains conditioned on American approval in the short term, and this is excluded as a result of the approaching election campaign that will begin at the end of this year.

Badin does not gamble
It is no longer a secret to anyone that the United States of America does not involve itself in a war adventure with Iran. The arenas of conflict with the United States are open, led by China and Russia. These fronts are still wide open. The priority is not Tehran according to the American agenda, China first and Russia second. America remains holding the stick. From the middle in dealing with the Iranian file, despite what Tehran produced from manufacturing the Fateh missile, it does not mean anything to it as long as there is no Iranian threat to the interests of the United States of America in the Middle East, as there is Israeli pressure on the White House to stop it from producing a nuclear bomb, only Some of the entity’s leaders specialized in nuclear programs, the Iranian nuclear bomb will see the light within 12 days, thus Tehran has confused Israel and made it flounder left and right, at a time when the White House plays the role of calming as if it is giving it any narcotic needles to Israel, in the end no one can He is certain of an American decision to confront Iran militarily, but the occupying state remains dependent on the next president of the United States of America, and supports the direction of the Republican Party, which often agrees with it on the Iran file and other files, especially the Palestinian issue. It is the only one in its hands at present, and we do not forget the political and ideological division the occupying state is suffering from, and the weakening of its internal front. In conclusion, all roads are closed to it today. Despite the widening gap between Iran and the West at the present time, the old continent has only statements and denunciations in its repertoire. It is working from The door to preserving Israel's security, and they found it, and also to restore relations with Tehran for its personal interests.


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After the curtain fell on hypersonic, will the dispute deepen between Tehran and the West?