Thu 08 Jun 2023 7:32 pm - Jerusalem Time

The Supreme Council announces the general strike tomorrow

The Higher Follow-up Committee of the Palestinian masses inside the 48 territories announced a general strike, tomorrow, Friday, to protest against the rampant murders, in the wake of the crime committed today in Jaffa Nazareth, which resulted in the killing of 5 people.

In a statement issued today, Thursday, the follow-up called for "organizing demonstrations and vigils today and tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, in all our villages and cities," and warned against "exploiting the escalation of crime for authoritarian political goals, such as bringing the Israeli Shin Bet into our society's affairs under the guise of dealing with crime."

And the committee stated, after its session that was held after the crime in Yafa an-Nazareth, that it is calling for a “general strike in the Palestinian society within the 48 territories tomorrow, Friday, in response to the criminal massacre that took place in the village of Yafa an-Nazareth, with the continuation of the killings and shootings that claim the dead and wounded.” Amid intentional and systematic authoritarian inaction.

It also called for "organizing demonstrations and vigils in all 48 territories, locally and regionally, this evening, Thursday, and tomorrow, Friday, as well as the coming Saturday, and also decided to advance the date of the Qatari demonstration, which was previously approved, to as soon as possible, so that this will be announced." Soon, the follow-up committee will announce other escalatory steps.

The follow-up and the Qatari committee of heads of local authorities stressed the need to "escalate our struggle and confront this reality that is being practiced and imposed systematically and formally in Palestinian society within the 48 territories, more than in the past, which requires correcting all feelings of anger and tension in the right direction, especially since we believe that this issue is in its essence A political battle, and that the Israeli establishment does not deal with us as citizens and rights holders.

She pointed to "the absence of security and safety in the Palestinian society within the 48 territories and the general feeling of tension and fear among the Palestinian masses, and the failure of state institutions to carry out their duties and responsibilities, seriously and practically, in the face of the increasing manifestations and phenomena of violence and crime."

And the follow-up warned against "exploiting the expansion of crime, to intensify calls from government leaders involved in this dangerous phenomenon, to introduce the Shin Bet apparatus into our society under the guise of fighting crime. Legal tools exist if the government and its arms want to completely eradicate the phenomenon of crime from our society."

The follow-up said, "We hold the Israeli institution fully responsible for the alarming increase in crime in our society, as it is the official body that bears the official responsibility and has the ability to eradicate this terrible phenomenon."


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The Supreme Council announces the general strike tomorrow