Thu 08 Jun 2023 10:01 am - Jerusalem Time

Colonial crimes continue

Imagine if a Hebrew, Israeli, Jewish child, who was only two years old, was shot by a Palestinian Arab, whether Muslim, Christian or Druze, as the Israeli soldier did by shooting live bullets in the head of the two-year-old Muhammad Haitham al-Tamimi from the village of Nabi Saleh.

Yes, he was shot in the head while he was inside his father's car, who was also wounded by a bullet that put him in the hospital.

Two years old, the child, Muhammad al-Tamimi, was targeted by a sniper with a rifle with a scope, according to reports, and therefore one of the possibilities applies to him:

First, it aims to kill the child and his father, so that his family and the people of his village may feel fear and rush to leave. By doing so, he has achieved a strategic goal for the colony by “dispossessing” the Palestinians and their departure on the grounds of preserving their lives, and not on their land, country, and homeland.

Secondly, because he is a racist hater who looks at the Palestinians with hatred, hostility, racism, and in a fascist way, because the child and his family do not deserve life. A target for education and training, by shooting and injuring him, as he is devoid of any rights. It is not excluded that the killer sniper will receive the reward for his criminal act against the Arab without bringing him to any accountability, as happened with the killer of journalist Sherine Abu Aqleh, who remained unidentified.

Third, he is insane, insane, devoid of reason and balance, and acts without the slightest responsibility as long as the victim is a Palestinian Arab, and not an Israeli Jew.

The killing of a Palestinian has become normal at the hands of the colony’s soldiers, tools and rules. The instructions from their official military security leaders say that if you feel danger, just a feeling is for you to act and kill without any introduction, and without any prior warning, and this explains the continuation of the daily killings of Palestinians by the army. colony and occupation settlers.

The Palestinian people pay a heavy price for their steadfastness on their land, where there are many means and circumstances of liquidation, and the result is one: killing and death, at the hands of the Israelis. Really for how long??.

They show solidarity and support for the people of Ukraine, and they show a lack of interest towards the people of Palestine. Isn't that a form of complicity with the Israeli criminal??.


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Colonial crimes continue