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What are we waiting for.. and what awaits us?

Since the thirties of the last century, we have made great sacrifices to defend our land and our rights, and among the most famous of these stages was the strike that lasted for six months, and the Israeli occupation was expanding and strengthening, and the international partition decision came that gave us a state and Israel a state, and we rejected it because all the land was ours, and at this stage We turned from a part of Jordan to the Palestinian state project led by Yasser Arafat and the PLO, after the historic defeat of 1967.

We went through several stages, most notably the return of Arafat to Gaza after the Oslo agreement, which was agreed upon in secret. Haidar Abd al-Shafi leads the Palestinian movement, and his role has ended. He also resented that he was not informed of the secret negotiation, and considered the agreement a political stab at him, and in the estimation of almost everyone, he was right in that..

This talk is not intended to talk about the history of the issue at all, but rather about the steps that await us and what we are waiting for in the current stage that we are going through.

It is clear that the occupation is arrogant and expanding and does not care about any issue we have, and the only thorn in its throat is our demographic presence, our increasing numbers, and our steadfastness on our land despite all the difficulties and challenges.

They have annexed East Jerusalem, which is our promised capital, and set up very wide settlement and Judaization projects there, and they are working to displace the largest number of its residents and strip its people of their Jerusalemite identity, but what is happening is the opposite of what they are planning. For several well-known reasons, which strengthens the Palestinian presence, contrary to what they plan for, and one of the latest Israeli plans is the decision to return to the settlements that were evacuated by Sharon's decision to disengage from the West Bank, and to completely evacuate the Gaza Strip from settlements due to the lack of large land areas in it and the density of its Palestinian citizens.

They completely left the Gaza Strip, but at this stage, as in the past, they are expanding and establishing settlements and working to evacuate residents from their lands whenever possible, as they did in the town of Masafer Yatta in the Hebron governorate a few days ago, and preventing land owners in the northern West Bank from using the lands they own and surround Homesh settlement, which was evacuated and the settlers returned to it.

In light of the current situation, what are we waiting for, and what is waiting for the occupation? Many observers expect an explosion of resistance in the West Bank, and as an Israeli source says, the outgoing May witnessed 63 different military operations, among the results of which was the killing of more than one settler, one of whom was near Tulkarm. The minister, steeped in extremism, Itamar Ben Gvir, appears as the spark that marks the beginning of such an expected explosion.

In sum, the leaders of Israel and the extremists, first and foremost, must realize that we exist and will remain on our land and in Jerusalem, our promised capital and the historical fortress for us and for all Arabs and Muslims, which has withstood through all stages of the occupation of our country by foreign powers. They also have to realize that there is no peace and no Stability for them and in the region without the establishment of the State of Palestine and the restoration of our national rights in our land, no matter how strong they are, but we seem like the weakest party militarily, but we are the strongest in existence and adherence to rights, whatever the challenges and hardships..!!


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What are we waiting for.. and what awaits us?


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