Sat 03 Jun 2023 9:03 am - Jerusalem Time

Violent clashes between Israeli police and protesters

Last night, the occupied city of Caesarea witnessed violent clashes between the Israeli police and protesters who arrived at the home of their prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The protesters accused the Israeli police of assaulting them and causing injury to one of them and breaking his nose, while the police accused them of assaulting its members.

The Israeli police arrested 3 demonstrators, including activist Moshe Redman, one of the most prominent activists leading the protests against the Netanyahu government, due to what is known as "judicial reforms."

After midnight, the sit-in moved to the gates of the Hadera city police station, where the confrontation escalated and nine others were arrested. As reported by the Arabic-speaking Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation.

Last night's demonstration developed spontaneously, after it began at Netanyahu's location, in Tel Aviv, and then the demonstrators moved to the vicinity of his house in the city of Caesarea, after they learned that he had gone there.


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Violent clashes between Israeli police and protesters