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Ashraf Sheikh Ibrahim.. chased and captive, then a fighter and a martyr

With chants and tears, the mother and family of Sheikh Ibrahim in the city of Jenin bid farewell to her entangled son, a colonel in the Palestinian General Intelligence Service, the martyr Ashraf Muhammad Amin Sheikh Ibrahim (38 years), one of the leaders of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, and the liberated prisoner who had always wished for martyrdom, as his comrades say. That from the beginning of his life he fought and resisted for his country and to be a martyr.

Jenin, who wore mourning and strike mourning for her martyr, who grew up and lived there, among his family, since her return from the State of Kuwait, in which his father worked for many years.

The uncle of the martyr, Amin Nimr al-Sheikh Ibrahim, explained to that Ashraf is considered the fourth in his family. He was distinguished from a young age by his activity, effectiveness, love for his country and his patriotic spirit, explaining that while he was in school, he began his activity by participating in national marches and events. Al-Aqsa Intifada became a resistance fighter, so he was arrested twice, and he joined the General Intelligence Service and became a lieutenant colonel. like he said.

He added: "We do not have information about the circumstances of his injury and his martyrdom, but this is his share and destiny in life. Our Lord chose him as a martyr, and we ask Him Almighty to accept his martyrdom."

Since the announcement of his injury by the occupation bullets and then his martyrdom, and despite the sadness and anger, his comrades in captivity, arms and resistance did not stop him from talking about his heroism and courage in resisting the occupation, and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades went in a statement of Ashraf's obituary to declare that he is "one of its heroes, fighters and heroic fighters," which is confirmed by him His comrades who said, "He was not late for a battle or a confrontation, and whenever the occupation carried out an aggression against Jenin and the camp, he worked silently and secretly, because of his belief in the legitimate right of our people to resist the occupation, which he never feared."

And one of the friends went on to say, "He was with his courage and heroism, like someone who carries his soul on his palm, always at the forefront of the ranks, wearing a keffiyeh or a veil, and joining the ranks of the resistance fighters without revealing his face or knowing his identity."

And his comrades who lived with him the experience of struggle and resistance confirm that since the outbreak of the second Al-Aqsa Intifada, he joined the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in their prime of youth, and for his heroic role, toughness and courage, the occupation targeted him and chased him until he was arrested the first time when he was 18 years old, so he fought the battle of confrontation in the cellars of investigation, and ruled In prison for 6 years, he spent it steadfastly, giving, heroically and defiantly behind bars, and after he finished his sentence and was freed, and despite his affiliation with the General Intelligence Service, he did not stop for a moment from the struggle, so he resumed the march, and continued his struggle, to live the experience of detention again over the course of five years, as it was decided The occupation courts imprisoned him, so he once again joined the ranks of the captive movement, and formed a model for the heroism and sacrifices of the prisoners and their defense of their dignity and freedom.

As usual, his comrades, the resistance fighter Ashraf, narrate that when he heard of the occupation storming the city of Jenin, at dawn yesterday, he did not delay in performing his duty, drew his gun, and crept under the cover of darkness, between the alleys of Al-Marah and the Old City until he reached the Sibat neighborhood, and clashed with the occupation forces, which stormed the neighborhoods Jenin, reinforced by more than 50 military patrols, as part of its ongoing campaigns against Jenin and its camp.

According to the witnesses’ account to, Sheikh Ibrahim clashed with the occupation forces at the entrance to Al-Sibat neighborhood in the city center, and was hit by two explosive bullets, the first in the abdomen, which led to the fragmentation of the liver and the second in the chest and penetrated the lung, and he was subsequently transferred to the Martyr Khalil Suleiman Governmental Hospital, then Al-Razi Hospital, after the failure of vigorous efforts to save his life, announced his martyrdom, which triggered the anger and grief of his comrades and his family, foremost of which was his sixty-year-old mother, Amna Sheikh Ibrahim, "Umm Basil", whose tears choked her breath and words, and during his last farewell and leaving her home, she was only able to say, "Goodbye, my sweetheart." And Omri, bye-bye, O groom, may God accept your testimony.

And she added, "May God have mercy on you, beloved of your mother, and unite us with you in the highest paradise. He asked for martyrdom and obtained it."

And the mother recounted that Ashraf sat with his little sister’s daughter, and asked her: “If you were martyred, would you cry for me?” He replied: Yes, so he asked her to kiss him immediately from now on. Today I realized the meaning of his words about the status and honor of the martyr. a martyr.”

When he carried the body of the resisting soldier, Ashraf, on his shoulders, his brother burst into tears, crying out, "Don't take him from us, keep him in the house, we don't want Ashraf to leave us." Then his walk crossed the streets of Jenin, amid popular and official farewells and military ceremonies, during which the martyr's comrades wept in mourning. For his loss, which no one will compensate.

His friend Abu Hussein, who lived with him during his detention, said, "People like him in heroism and manhood are rare during his arrest and after his freedom. He is a hero in every sense of the word. He is the Palestinian hero, the commando, the real commando, the committed, disciplined, generous soldier in his apparatus, and the knight who grabbed his gun at the moment of the attack, and fought until his last breath." We all lost it."

In his farewell, an atmosphere of pain prevailed and cries of grief rose over the soldier who tied the knot and celebrated his engagement only ten days before his martyrdom, joining the ranks of the martyrs, attached to the homeland's sky as a new moon and another groom wedding to the adored Palestine.


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Ashraf Sheikh Ibrahim.. chased and captive, then a fighter and a martyr