Mon 15 May 2023 9:53 am - Jerusalem Time

"Citizen's Rights" submits a petition to return money deposited by Palestinian detainees

The Association for Civil Rights submitted a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court against the head of the Civil Administration, asking him to return the money that the Palestinian detainees were forced to deposit as a guarantee for their release from detention, or as a guarantee of their compliance before the judicial bodies.

The association said: "The Civil Administration must return the bail money that the Palestinians were forced to deposit, which is estimated at tens of millions of shekels, despite the expiration of the terms of its detention."

She added, "The continued withholding of funds in the treasury of the Civil Administration is theft of the most vulnerable population, and is a serious violation of Palestinians' right to property, and their right to due process."

In its petition, the association also called for the publication of a public announcement in Arabic and Hebrew explaining to the public the issue of the initiative to return bail money, as well as the establishment of a fund for non-returnable funds, to be devoted to the well-being of the Palestinian population in the territories of the West Bank.

According to the association, the talk is about an amount of more than 50 million shekels belonging to Palestinian citizens that had accumulated in the treasury of the "Civil Administration", and it was required to return it according to the law.

According to lawyers Roni Bailey and Reut Shaer, who represent the Association for Civil Rights in the petition, “this behavior is contrary to the duty of the Civil Administration, under the rules of administrative law and international law.

And they affirmed, "Continuing to withhold money in the administration's treasury is nothing but a theft, and it is a serious violation of the right to own property and the right to appear before a fair procedure. It also constitutes gross discrimination against the Palestinian population, and an exploitation of the well-known and understood fear of the Palestinian population of going to the authorities." as stated in the petition.


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"Citizen's Rights" submits a petition to return money deposited by Palestinian detainees