Mon 15 May 2023 9:33 am - Jerusalem Time

Exciting details.. This is how the Jihad leaders were assassinated in Gaza!

On Monday, the Hebrew newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, published new details about the assassinations carried out by the Israeli army in its military operation that took place in Gaza in the past few days.

According to the newspaper, the opening strike, which shocked the Islamic Jihad movement after the assassination of 3 of the most prominent leaders of its military wing, was simultaneous, with a difference of only 4 seconds between each strike.

Those operations targeted Jihad Ghannam in Rafah, Khalil al-Bahtini and Tariq Ezzedine in Gaza City.

According to the newspaper, the unprecedented damage inflicted on the organization made it lose its ability to command and control.

The newspaper indicated that the operation lasted more than 116 hours, and included 4,000 flight hours in which various aircraft flew over the skies of the Gaza Strip, during which the Israeli Air Force dropped nearly 400 bombs, including 115 by drones, and 289 targets were attacked.

The newspaper says that after the Islamic Jihad launched rockets in the month of Ramadan after the events of Al-Aqsa, and until the start of the surprise operation last Tuesday, the movement’s senior leaders were under the supervision of the “Shin Bet” service, and the strike was postponed at least twice due to operational conditions, and the desire of the Israeli army to get rid of Senior Islamic Jihad leaders at the same time during normal days, in a surprise operation that maximizes the success of the operation.

The newspaper indicates that the Air Force preferred to attack the Jihad leadership from different sides, to surprise the specific concentrated targets.

And regarding the assassination of the leader of the Islamic Jihad, Ahmed Abu Daqqa, deputy head of the missile unit, the Israeli army said that it was behind all the rocket launches in the Gaza Strip during the past two years.

According to the Hebrew newspaper, when Abu Daqqa was assassinated, those in charge of the operation took into account that the building had no supporting walls, and therefore its roof would collapse on it without the entire building collapsing. Therefore, the operation was carried out with care and careful planning, just as the assassination of Tariq Ezzedine was carried out with careful planning as well.


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Exciting details.. This is how the Jihad leaders were assassinated in Gaza!