Sun 14 May 2023 9:15 am - Jerusalem Time

Israeli data about the rockets of the resistance

On Sunday morning, the Israeli army stated that 1,469 rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip during the 5-day round of fighting, which it called "Shield and Arrow".

The Israeli army claimed, in data it published this morning, that 1,139 missiles crossed the border fence, and according to the interception policy adopted by the defense systems, 439 missiles were intercepted, including two missiles that were intercepted by the "David's Sling / Magic Wand" system, one in Tel Aviv and the other in the Jerusalem mountains.

He claimed that 291 rockets exploded inside the sector, while 39 rockets fell into the sea, while 35 rockets were fired after the cease-fire, which began at ten o'clock yesterday evening.

The rocket fire killed an 80-year-old Israeli woman, as a result of a rocket attack in Rohovot.

He indicated that it had targeted 422 targets in the Gaza Strip, including command and control centers, sites for the production and manufacture of ammunition and weapons, and sites for firing rockets, mortars, etc., in addition to the assassination of 6 Islamic Jihad leaders. According to his claim.

Magen David Adom stated that its crews provided treatment to 77 Israelis as a result of the rocket fire, and that 32 of them were physically injured, including 9 by shrapnel from the rockets, 23 by their fall while trying to reach the protected areas, and 45 who suffered from panic.


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Israeli data about the rockets of the resistance