Thu 04 May 2023 9:29 pm - Jerusalem Time

Updated: The Executive Committee of the PLO holds a meeting chaired by the President

The Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization held a meeting this evening, Thursday, headed by President Mahmoud Abbas, at the presidential headquarters in Ramallah.

During the meeting, the Executive Committee discussed the criminal and aggressive escalation of the occupation government in continuation of its open war against our people, to commit today a heinous massacre in the city of Nablus by assassinating three fighters from our people and liquidating one of the girls in Hawara, in continuation of the field liquidations carried out by the occupation army and its settlers, bringing the number of martyrs Since the beginning of the year, one hundred and eight martyrs, in conjunction with the imposition of the siege on Palestinian cities and camps, its daily raids and daily arrests, and its massacre of house demolitions yesterday, as happened in the towns of Haris and Hajjah, and the suburb of peace in the town of Anata in the Jerusalem governorate.

The Executive Committee stressed the seriousness of what the occupation government is doing in an attempt to break the will of steadfastness and defiance among our heroic prisoners and detainees squatting in the occupation's cells, holding it responsible for the killing of the heroic captive martyr Khader Adnan, whose hunger strike continued for the eighty-seventh day, and the occupation's refusal to release him or treat him in light of the danger And his situation, recalling that the elevation of the heroic martyr Khader Adnan will not break the will and steadfastness of our people who continue their battle for freedom and independence and obtaining their rights of return, self-determination and the establishment of an independent and fully sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. All human rights and international organizations and the parties of the international community called for the importance of providing international protection for our people and our heroic families, and in light of the seriousness of the situation of the sick, heroic prisoners, especially the prisoners Walid Daqqa and Asif Al-Rifai who suffer from cancer, and the occupation’s insistence on detaining the bodies of the martyrs in a cheap and unacceptable blackmail of our people.

The Executive Committee also affirmed that the occupation’s persistence in this criminal escalation, its continued intransigence, and its lack of commitment to stopping unilateral actions requires a serious stance from the international community by rejecting the aggressive occupation policies, imposing sanctions on it, and activating the mechanisms of its trial, especially before the International Criminal Court, whose work we see has slowed down with regard to the files referred to the court. And in light of the use of double standards and double standards, and in light of the American protection and support for the occupation, which proves that there is a green light to continue with these crimes, believing that he is protected from the consequences of being held accountable for these crimes.

The Executive Committee called on the international community to intervene immediately to protect our people and our national rights and to stop the arrests, financial discounts and repeated invasions.

And she stressed the importance of the wide participation of all our people in the events commemorating the Nakba and affirming the right of our people to return, especially in light of the threshold of this anniversary in the seventy-fifth year of the Nakba, and the United Nations in New York commemorating this memory for the first time in the presence of President Mahmoud Abbas, who will deliver an important speech on this occasion. And also the central activities in the northern and southern governorates and in all the refugee and diaspora camps, and the rejection and condemnation of all attempts to prejudice the unified activities within the framework and preparations of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the sole and legitimate representative of our people in all places of its presence, and the rejection of the so-called “return conference” in the town of Malmö, Sweden, which It perpetuates the Palestinian division, and attempts to suggest the creation of imaginary and unacceptable alternatives in light of the tampering with the Palestinian situation, away from what is required of national unity that ends the division and directs the main competition to the occupation away from all secondary contradictions, and intensifies all efforts to continue our struggle for the freedom and independence of our people.


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Updated: The Executive Committee of the PLO holds a meeting chaired by the President