Thu 27 Apr 2023 12:14 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israel: 10 Palestinians arrested in Jericho

Today, Thursday, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 10 citizens while they were passing through the military checkpoints at the entrances to the city of Jericho.

According to local sources, from yesterday until today, these forces arrested: Muhammad Bassam Issa Hamidat (20 years old), Saed Hosni Muhammad Ayush (31 years old), Muhammad Ali Ibrahim Awwad (34 years old), and Ghaleb Hussein Ahmed Zaben (36 years old). All of them are from Aqabat Jabr camp.

They arrested Muhammad Hussein Tabiya, Jamal Muhammad Atta, Fayez Ramzi Awadat Bilhan, Abdullah al-Hajj Muhammad from al-Mughayyir village in Ramallah, Ahmad Kazem al-Fino from Nablus, and Shams al-Din Abu al-Husayn from Ain al-Sultan camp in Jericho.

The occupation forces continue to besiege the city of Jericho for the sixth day in a row.


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Israel: 10 Palestinians arrested in Jericho