Tue 25 Apr 2023 10:30 am - Jerusalem Time

FM: Egyptian border crossing resumes operations

The political advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Ahmed Al-Deek, confirmed that the buses carrying our students from our people in the Gaza Strip set off this morning towards the border crossing with the Arab Republic of Egypt, where 3 buses set off carrying 130 students and nearly 60 citizens of our people.

Al-Deek added in his statement: "The embassy of the State of Palestine in Cairo has completed all the necessary preparations to receive them at the border crossing, including the running of buses from the Egyptian side at the crossing to take them directly to the Rafah crossing, as is the case in completing the Palestinian embassy in Riyadh and the general consulate in Jeddah, as well as the Palestinian embassy in Amman, the procedures for receiving the second group.

Al-Deek explained that a fourth bus carrying about 54 citizens of our people in the Gaza Strip will head today towards Port Sudan, stressing that the first group that headed to Port Sudan has arrived and will leave for Jeddah on its way to the Jordanian lands.

Al-Deek indicated that the evacuation process is still continuing with great efforts made by the crisis cells at the ministry's headquarters and the embassies of the State of Palestine in Khartoum, Riyadh, Cairo and Amman, in full partnership with the General Intelligence Service, Military Intelligence, the Ministry of Interior and partner institutions.


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FM: Egyptian border crossing resumes operations