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Updated || Injuries and arrests during a campaign of raids by the occupation in the West Bank

A number of citizens were injured, and a number of others were arrested, at dawn and Monday morning, during incursions carried out by the occupation forces into several areas in the West Bank governorates.

According to local sources, 4 young men were shot by the occupation forces in Aqabat Jabr camp in Jericho, and one of the injured was arrested, without knowing his health condition.

The camp witnessed violent confrontations, as the occupation forces stormed a number of houses, which they thoroughly searched, tampering with their contents, and subjecting their residents to a field investigation.

And those forces arrested from the camp, Suleiman Ayesh, Ibrahim Al-Habash, and Hussam Faraj.

In Nablus , the occupation forces carried out a wide campaign of raids in several areas in the governorate and its south, and arrested 7 citizens, they are: Yazan Aslan, Ihab Abu Duhair, Youssef Al-Ashqar, Muhammad Sharaya, Laith Abu Laila, Hamdan Hamayel, Abdullah Abu Khudair.

The occupation operations focused on Street 15, Al-Maajeen, the new and old Askar camps, and the town of Beita, amid sporadic shooting by the resistance groups towards those forces.

In the town of Ya`bad , Jenin district, the occupation forces arrested 3 young men, the editor Yasser Amarneh, Abdullah Herzallah, and Saeed Al-Abadi from the security services, and the young man Uday Stiti from Al-Hashimiyya near the governorate.

While the young man, Ahmed Abu Khudair, was arrested after storming his house in the town of Surif , north of Hebron, and the young men were Khalil Ishaq Jabareen, his brother Ismail from Yatta, Osama Suhail Al-Ajlouni, and his brother Fahd from the governorate.


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Updated || Injuries and arrests during a campaign of raids by the occupation in the West Bank