Wed 15 Mar 2023 9:31 pm - Jerusalem Time

Talk about the "lion's den".. Gantz: Nablus is more challenging for us and we will eliminate "terrorism"

Translation by "Jerusalem" dot com - Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said, Thursday, that Nablus poses a greater security challenge than Jenin due to the attacks that are carried out from there, especially in light of the direct friction with the Palestinians in that area.

In the same context, Gantz confirmed, during an interview with the Hebrew website Ynet Studio, that Jenin also represents a challenge, noting that his forces are currently focused on thwarting the attacks.

And he indicated that the forces had been increased in Nablus and intelligence, offensive and defensive efforts had been increased, saying: "In the end, we will get our hands on these terrorists.. This is a group (the lions' den) of about 30 people, we need to know how to hit them and this group will end one way or another and I hope soon Available time".

Regarding the possibility of the Palestinian Authority succeeding in including the "Lions' Den" elements in its security services, Gantz said: "The people who have blood on their hands must be tried... If we can stop them, then so be it, and if not, we must thwart them (assassinate them)."

He stressed that "Israel" refuses to protect the authority of any of those "whose hands are stained with blood," and that their fate is imprisonment or death, and there is no other option.

Regarding the events in Jerusalem yesterday, the Israeli army minister described them as "dangerous at this very sensitive time," stressing that his forces did not lose control, and that there was no need for the hysteria that some such as Itamar Ben Gvir were trying to create.

Gantz said, "The situation has become complicated, and we are carrying out offensive activities in Nablus, Jenin, and anywhere else that requires that."

Regarding the Palestinian Authority, Gantz said that its apparatus needs to increase its activities to protect itself and preserve its rule, and not in order to protect Israel, which does not leave its security in the hands of the Authority.

He renewed his statements that his meetings with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas are a common interest, for the security of the Israelis.


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Talk about the "lion's den".. Gantz: Nablus is more challenging for us and we will eliminate "terrorism"