Wed 15 Mar 2023 9:30 pm - Jerusalem Time

Arab Journalists: The American report on the assassination of Abu Aqleh is biased towards Israel

Cairo - "Al Quds" dot com - The General Federation of Arab Journalists rejected the report of the American experts regarding the examination of the bullet that killed the martyred journalist , Sherine Abu Aqelah .

The union said in a statement today, Wednesday, that it is an unprofessional report, and it is a political and security report that is biased towards Israel.

Union President Moayad Al-Lami said that this biased report towards Israel aims to evade holding Israel responsible for targeting Abu Aqelah and her deliberate assassination. by the Israeli occupation.

Al-Lami expressed the solidarity of the General Federation of Arab Journalists with full force with Palestinian journalists in taking all measures to bring the perpetrators to the International Criminal Court, especially against the leadership of the Israeli occupation army, calling on all Arab and international media institutions to continue their efforts in order to achieve justice for the martyr Abu Aqelah and not to impunity for the perpetrators. He stressed that the Federation renews its demand for an impartial and transparent international investigation.

In the context, the Kuwaiti Journalists Association affirmed its absolute support for the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, regarding the report issued by the Palestinian Attorney General in the case of the assassination of the martyr Sherine Abu Aqelah, the United Nations report, reports issued by prominent American media institutions, and eyewitnesses who confirmed the killing of the martyr Abu Aqelah at the hands of the occupation soldiers. Israeli.

In a statement, the association called on the international community to continue its efforts to achieve justice, stop impunity for criminals, and protect fellow Palestinian journalists to play their role and perform their work in covering events in the occupied territories.


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Arab Journalists: The American report on the assassination of Abu Aqleh is biased towards Israel