Wed 15 Mar 2023 9:30 pm - Jerusalem Time

Jaffa: a protest against eviction and displacement

Jaffa - "Jerusalem" dot com - Today, Friday, our people in the city of Jaffa, within the 48 territories, organized a protest stand against the decision to displace 1,400 people from Palestinian families in the city.

The participants in the vigil, which was called for by the Palestinian political and civil forces in Jaffa, raised slogans denouncing the Israeli decision to "absentee property" to expel the Palestinian residents, stressing that uprooting and Judaization is nothing but a time bomb to evacuate the city from the Palestinians.

And I call on all our people within the 48 lands to show solidarity with them, and to participate in vigils, to confront displacement and deportation.

Our correspondent reported that the people of Jaffa organize a weekly stand to mobilize and win public opinion against the Israeli decision.

The demonstrators, who own homes threatened with eviction, expressed their fear of a recurrence of the 1948 catastrophe.

One of the house owners told "Wafa": "We will stay in our homes, and we will not submit to anyone, because they will fail to displace us."

Source: Wafa Agency


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Jaffa: a protest against eviction and displacement