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Popular National Congress for Jerusalem: Shuafat camp is a victim of an occupying ideology

Jerusalem - "Jerusalem" dot com - The General Secretariat of the National People's Congress of Jerusalem said that the Israeli siege targeting the residents of Shuafat camp and its neighbourhoods, "Anata, Dahiyat al-Salam, Ras Khamis and Ras Shehadeh", reflects the terrible racist ideological thought of the occupying state, which still sees the Palestinians after 74 years From the Nakba, as a human surplus that must be disposed of, using a false and misleading narration of the world that is complicit with it in the gradual liquidation of the Palestinian people or imposing forced immigration on them under the weight of the harshness of life, so that their choice becomes limited, "either life or death."

The General Secretariat added, in a statement issued yesterday, that when death becomes better than life for the Palestinians as a result of the presence of the military occupation that sheds blood daily, seizes the land and desecrates everything that is sacred, the latter will go to the first option, because life is when dignity and freedom are robbed of it. become untenable.

The General Secretariat confirmed that what is happening in Shuafat camp and targeting more than 130,000 people crowded into a very narrow geographical area of about two square kilometers, is a collective punishment for all societal groups and difficult humanitarian cases, especially the elderly, the sick and infants who need intensive care. What confirms the bloodiness of this occupation, which is devoid of everything that is human and does not understand anything but the language of blood and violence, and that what does not come by force comes with more force, stressing that the occupying state would be mistaken if it believed that the people of the camp would raise the white flag and accept the fait accompli.

The General Secretariat of the National People's Congress of Jerusalem affirmed that the people of Shuafat camp are not alone in the field, as all Jerusalemites stand by their side shoulder to shoulder in this unequal battle. His free will to express his rejection of arbitrariness, violence, persecution and injustice that targets the innocent, the sick, school students and the infirm elderly.

The General Secretariat said that the world is required to take immediate action to save tens of thousands of human lives threatened in the Shuafat camp, which has been under strict siege for several days, under the pretext of searching for the perpetrator of the shooting at the military checkpoint established at the northern entrance to the camp, which is completely illegal. As is the occupation, which has no legitimacy and no coexistence with it, just as "there is no peace or dialogue between the sword and the neck."

The General Secretariat considered that the direct reason for what happened in the Shuafat camp, Nablus, and other Palestinian governorates, is the occupation's persistence in attacking Palestinian blood and national dignity, which would explode the volcano of anger latent in the hearts of people who have been suffering at all levels for decades, despite the "deception." The peace "that Israel is talking about," so what kind of peace is this that allows the killing of children in cold blood, and gives Israel the right to detain more than five thousand Palestinians in its prisons, and in exchange for the blockade and starvation of the people of the Gaza Strip, while Jerusalem is violated daily and without any deterrence or respect for religion or sanctity At a time when a state was established for settlers deep in the West Bank, which confirms that the lie of establishing an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital has been exposed in public.

The General Secretariat concluded its statement by stressing that the Shuafat camp brings back to the Palestinian memory the state of siege that was imposed on all cities, villages and camps in the midst of the Al-Aqsa Intifada and before that at the height of the Great Intifada in 1987. However, on the other hand, there is a very advanced state of solidarity in the Palestinian street, whose message is to the world. She says: "There is no coexistence with the occupation, and our struggle is a legitimate right until we achieve our freedom and independence."


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Popular National Congress for Jerusalem: Shuafat camp is a victim of an occupying ideology