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Pictures || "The Hunter and the Dragon"... a graduate despite his captivity!

Ramallah - "Jerusalem" dot com - Today, Friday, the prisoner Zakaria Al-Zubaidi became a university graduate with a master's degree from Birzeit University , after he had participated in the Contemporary Arab Studies Program.

Al-Zubaidi applied on September 17, 2018, to register himself for the program, but he was arrested on February 28, 2019, and at that time he submitted his letter, which he called "The Hunter and the Dragon."

Al-Zubaidi's letter talks about persecution in the Palestinian experience from 1968-2018, and he finished the letter before his arrest, but he was unable to discuss it.

Today, Friday, Al-Zubaidi was announced as a new university graduate, during a ceremony at Birzeit University, where his family attended the ceremony, uploaded his photos, and obtained a graduation certificate.

Tomorrow, Saturday morning, a discussion of Zubaidi's master's thesis project will be held in the Nassib Aziz Shaheen Theater, which is the main theater of Birzeit University and its largest hall.

He did not announce the details of the discussion of the letter, and its method in light of the arrest of the prisoner Al-Zubaidi, but it is likely that it will be presented by the supervisors of the university professors and given to him officially with the continuation of his detention.

Al-Zubaidi, a resident of the Jenin camp. He is one of the fighters who have been persecuted for years by the occupation and escaped assassination several times. He is a member of the Revolutionary Council of the "Fatah" movement. His brother Taha was martyred during the invasion of Jenin camp in 2002, and his mother was martyred later in the same invasion. His brother Dawood recently joined the convoy of martyrs, and his brother "Yahya" was arrested for 17 years before he was released.

Al-Zubaidi is one of the heroes of the "Freedom Tunnel", through which 6 prisoners were deprived of their freedom from inside Gilboa prison in September 2021.


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Pictures || "The Hunter and the Dragon"... a graduate despite his captivity!