Wed 15 Mar 2023 9:29 pm - Jerusalem Time

"Education" opens the door for registration to license new university service offices

Ramallah - "Jerusalem" dot com - The Ministry of Higher Education announced today, Tuesday, the start of receiving applications for registration and licensing of new university services offices and branches of existing offices, in order to provide the service to students wishing to study in institutes and institutions of higher education abroad.

In a statement, the Ministry called on those wishing to open new offices or branches to go to the General Administration for Scholarships and Student Services in the Ministry "Al-Masyoun", or the offices of higher education in the Nablus and Hebron governorates, to obtain the application and the required papers, provided that it is submitted to the General Administration supported by all documents on time. no later than Thursday 1/31/2023, noting that submitting the application does not mean acceptance and approval of the license.

And it warned all owners of closed offices and unlicensed persons and entities against engaging in any activity related to providing the service or obtaining admissions or study seats for students, explaining that it would have to refer the violators to the competent authorities to take the necessary legal measures against them.

The Ministry directed parents and students wishing to study abroad at their own expense to beware of dealing with unlicensed university services offices and people working in this field through illegal means, so that they are not exposed to fraud.

She pointed out that it is possible to view the list of offices approved by the Ministry through the link or contact the General Administration for Grants and Student Services through the number 02-2982603.


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"Education" opens the door for registration to license new university service offices