Wed 15 Mar 2023 8:30 pm - Jerusalem Time

Fatah affirms its support for efforts to fortify university institutions and support students

Ramallah - "Jerusalem" dot com - The Palestinian National Liberation Movement "Fatah" said that it followed during the last period what happened at An-Najah National University in terms of unfortunate events that are not befitting of our people and their reputation, and do not agree with their customs or traditions, at a time when we are being pushed at the hands of Our children are high school students, and we urge them to adhere to their aspirations and the hopes of their families and their country, and to make every effort to succeed, and pass the stage of their transition to university studies.

In a statement issued by the Mobilization and Organization Commission "Northern Regions", today, Tuesday, the movement affirmed its keenness to support all initiatives and efforts to fortify our university institutions, develop their reality for the better, and support Palestinian students everywhere in the world.

Fatah indicated that the movement was an idea that was born from the minds of Palestinian students, so it adhered from the beginning to a constant struggle mission, which is to build the Palestinian educational reality on the way to struggle for liberation from the occupation.

She said that she supports every sincere person who defends the rights of students to distinguished education, progress and success, and we stand shoulder to shoulder with every diligent person who seeks to provide a safe national educational environment that preserves their dignity, in which they exercise their rights, and they exchange their opinions freely and sophistically in difference, which is what distinguished Palestinian students. In all corners of the earth, throughout a history in which our people presented a civilized model that the whole world is proud of.

The movement called on students in all universities in Palestine and abroad to excel in everything that raises the name of their country high and preserves its reputation among peoples.


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Fatah affirms its support for efforts to fortify university institutions and support students