Wed 15 Mar 2023 8:29 pm - Jerusalem Time

Fatah wins the elections of the workers union in the Jerusalem Electricity Company

Jerusalem - "Jerusalem" dot com - In a democratic atmosphere that reflects the concepts and culture of the Jerusalem Electricity Company and its endeavor to enhance communication with its crews and employees, the elections for the Council of the Employees and Workers Union of the Jerusalem Electricity Company took place on Monday, with a wide participation of employees in all branches.

And after conducting the voting and polling process at the company’s headquarters amid administrative control over the conduct of the elections, which took place with all responsibility and care, and after counting the votes of the employees and the workers, the results were announced in a democratic and fraternal atmosphere that represented the culture of the employees. The Palestinian National Liberation Movement Fatah held elections for the employees and workers union of the company, which took place with wide participation of the company's employees, in an annual democratic procedure.

The Jerusalem Electricity Company confirms through the elections that it aims to preserve the freedom to choose the employees who represent them. The elections were launched with two lists competing, in which the Fatah movement won 6 seats, and 3 for the workers’ assembly. Jawad Al-Dibs, Zuhair Al-Zaanin, Murad Al-Najjar, Abdel-Salam Al-Dajani, Alaa Al-Arnaqout and Fouad Sobh.

After the announcement of the elections, the Fatah movement, through the words of the director of international relations in the company, Firas Jubran, dedicated its victory in the elections to the spirit of the martyr Yasser Arafat and the martyrs, prisoners and wounded of Palestine.


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Fatah wins the elections of the workers union in the Jerusalem Electricity Company