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"Muhammad" went out to work and returned as a martyr carried on his shoulders

Jenin - "Jerusalem" dot com - Ali Samoudi - Throughout her life, the forty-year-old mother, Hana Hisham, will not forget the moments of pain and excruciating shock that she experienced when she received the news of her firstborn's injury and the most beloved people to her heart, Muhammad Hisham Youssef Abu Naasa, on the morning of last Wednesday, which she considers to be black days. her age.

The grieving mother often shed tears for the martyrs who fell during the Israeli aggression on the camp recently, until she joined their mothers, and collapsed in grief when she saw Muhammad a martyr shot by the occupation, which deprived her of the pleasure of her liver, and turned her grandson Adam and Taleen into orphans.

On that day, Muhammad left his home early for his regular place of work in the municipality of Jenin, then returned, carried on his shoulders, to be the fourth martyr of Jenin, and the witness victim to the non-stop crimes of the occupation.

Before speaking to "Al Quds" dot com, Umm Muhammad long hugged Adam, 4 years old, and Taleen, 2 and a half years old. They are now the most beloved to her heart, because they are "from the scent of Muhammad... He only left me with his wife and two children, and may God give us all patience... What is the fault of my grandchildren so that they may live?" orphans, and the beginning of their life towards the graves. as you say.

She added, "My son was not armed and did not participate in the confrontations. He was returning from work to his home, and he did not pose any threat to the security of the occupation.. So why did they kill him in cold blood?!".

The refugee, Hana, remembers the moments of that morning when she, like the rest of the residents of Jenin camp, woke up to the sound of bullets and explosions, the sound of patrols and the roar of planes. Then came the difficult moments, when the symbolic marches of the first two martyrs began in the streets of the camp, where the mother, Abu Naisa, stood at the gate of her house at the main entrance. The camp follows the marches and funerals, crying heartbreak over them, but even in the worst nightmares of her life, she did not expect to see her firstborn and the beloved of her heart like them after less than an hour.

The mother says: "When the march passed in front of our house, I was crying and saying: May God give patience to the hearts of their mothers; suddenly my phone rang repeatedly and everyone was asking me what is in your house," indicating that his son Muhammad left his job from the municipality headquarters, after the start of the occupation operation, However, he was unable to reach the camp due to the spread of the occupation and the intensity of the shooting.

In those moments, Muhammad was wounded by the bullets of the occupation, and upon his transfer to the hospital, he announced his death, so feelings of resentment and anger against the occupation increased, and soon activists on the communication networks published the last phrase written by the martyr on his Facebook page on the morning of his martyrdom, in which he wrote: “In Every morning I say, O Lord, honor me, if it is not because I deserve it, because you are generous.” His cousin Nidal said, “The Lord of the Worlds answered him and answered the call, and honored him with martyrdom.”

In the meantime, before announcing his martyrdom in the mosques of the city, and within a few minutes, the mother, Umm Muhammad, received several calls with conflicting information, to live feelings of terror as she searched for the truth, while her fiftieth husband, Hisham, who works in the occupied interior, was continuing his work normally, and he says : "I heard the news of the raid, so I sent Muhammad a voice message to check on him, and he answered the same, so he informed me that he was at his friend's house, and he could not enter the camp, so I asked him to stay, and not to return before making sure that the occupation forces had left.. Minutes later, the calls on my phone did not stop, and I knew that My son was martyred, so I quickly returned to Jenin, trying all the way to contact his phone, which was answered by saying that it was switched off.”

Abu Naasa explains, quoting eyewitnesses, that with the continuation of the Israeli operation, Muhammad left Jenin and headed to the camp from Haifa Street leading to the Al-Zahraa neighborhood after he heard of the occupation’s withdrawal, but he saw several patrols on the way, so he went to nearby shops located in the area, and hid like the rest of the citizens because of the occupation. He was shot in the head even though he was hiding. After he was taken to the hospital, he was killed instantly.

At that time, the mother, "Hanaa", was still living a terrible spiral in light of the conflicting news, so she unleashed her feet as she ran towards the hospital to search for her beloved among the wounded and in the departments, and she says: "I felt that my soul suffocated while hearing many stories about the fate of my son." So I ran without thinking except to reach him and check on him, and before I could rejoice when I did not find him among the martyrs, my heart collapsed when I saw him as a martyr in the other room.

Hana and her family rebelled against the pain and pain, and hugged her daughter-in-law and two children when the body of her son was brought for his funeral, and insisted on saying goodbye to him with ululation, and she says in her simple language: “I bid him farewell with thanks to God, and I said to him, praise be to God that you are a hero, greet the Messenger, peace be upon him .. My Lord is pleased with you, and accepts you .. I am proud and sad, and I feel that I am in the midst of a dream waiting for someone to wake me up, but congratulations to Muhammad, the martyrdom, as he wished for it from a long time ago, and he obtained it because he deserved it.

As for the father, who was preoccupied with alleviating the pain of his family, he said: "The Lord of the Two Years is the one who chooses the martyrs, and I am very proud of my son, and we have not and will not be afraid of the threats of the occupation, so if the dear departed, there is no regret for the cheap."

Martyr Abu Naasa is considered the first child of his family consisting of 5 members, as he grew up and learned in Jenin camp schools until he finished high school, then joined Al-Quds Open University, and graduated two years ago with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. He is the closest of my sons to me. I am social and people share their joys and occasions.”

She added: "He relied on himself throughout his life, and he was self-taught, working and studying, and he got married because he relied on his work. He used to apply for education every year, but he was not lucky with a job, and a while ago he became a worker in the municipality of Jenin until his death, and he always talked about dreams and a beautiful future for his two children." But the Lord of the Worlds chose him as a martyr.”


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"Muhammad" went out to work and returned as a martyr carried on his shoulders