Wed 15 Mar 2023 8:28 pm - Jerusalem Time

Two injuries in Nablus.. The occupation arrests more than 42 citizens, most of whom are freedmen in the West Bank

Governorates - "Al-Quds" dot com - The Israeli occupation forces launched, at dawn and Monday morning, a campaign of arrests and large-scale raids in separate areas of the West Bank .

According to the prisoners’ affairs institutions, those forces arrested more than 42 citizens, in a wide campaign that affected dozens of citizens’ homes and subjected their residents to a field investigation, after storming separate camps, villages, towns, and neighborhoods in the West Bank.

Two young men were wounded by the occupation forces' bullets during clashes that erupted in Khallet al-Amud, east of Nablus, which also witnessed armed clashes.

The arrests were concentrated more in Hebron Governorate, in the south of the West Bank, and more than 25 citizens were arrested there.

The editor, Sheikh Muhammad Abu Arqoub, the editor Youssef Nassar, the editor Munther Zuna, the editor Ahmed Abu Sundus, the editor Imad Jadallah, Khader Al-Hroub, from the town of Dura, south of Hebron, the editor Sheikh Jamal Abu Al-Jadayel from Al-Samou’, the editor Issa Al-Amor, the editor Muhammad Al-Amor, and the editor Atef Rabaa, and Sheikh Khalil Rabei, Bader Idais from Yatta.

The editor Marwan Abu Fara, the editor Majdi Abu Fara, and the editor Khaled Ghuneimat, from Surif, north of Hebron, and the editor Rizq Al-Halayqa, the editor Ahmed Al-Halayqa, and Sheikh Ahmed Al-Abaida from the sheikhs were also arrested.

The editor Ibrahim Al-Sweiti, the editor Mahmoud Yasser Al-Masalmeh, the editor Mahmoud Issa Al-Masala from Beit Awwa, the editor Sheikh Badr Abu Iyas, the editor Muhammad Abu Awad, the editor Ahmed Abu Mariya, the editor Abdullah Abu Mariya from Beit Ummar, the editor Jihad Shalaldah, and the editor Raafat Shalaldah were arrested. And the editor, Islam Kawazbeh, and the editor, Muhammad Shalaleh, Zawadi Shalaldah, Hammam Shalaldah from Sa’ir.

In Nablus, Muhammad al-Banna, Basem al-Aghbar, and Mamoun Hanani were arrested.

In Bethlehem, the editor, Nidal Abu Aker, and Bassel Daamsa, from Dheisheh refugee camp, were arrested.

In Qalqilya, Sameh Samha, Laith Salim, and Alaa Fahim were arrested from the town of Jayyous.

In Ramallah, Thaer Al-Safi from Jalazoun camp, Hassoun Abu Salama from Jenin, and Muhammad Al-Hindi from Jerusalem were arrested.


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Two injuries in Nablus.. The occupation arrests more than 42 citizens, most of whom are freedmen in the West Bank