Wed 15 Mar 2023 8:27 pm - Jerusalem Time

Shtayyeh calls for the condemnation of Smotrich's terrorist statements against the town of Huwwara

Ramallah - "Jerusalem" dot com - Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh said that the statements of the Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich ; in which he called for the town of Hawara to be erased from existence; Terrorism and racism, and bear the omen of a dangerous escalation against the Palestinian people, calling on the United Nations, the European Union, and all international organizations, to condemn these statements, and to activate international resolutions to boycott Israel, hold it accountable for its crimes, and not allow it to escape punishment.

He added, in a statement, this evening, Wednesday, that the statements of the extremist Israeli minister alone are sufficient to bring him to international justice, as they constitute official incitement to commit new massacres against the citizens of the town, and the neighboring towns and villages, which are still living under the burden of the horrific crime committed by the occupation soldiers and settlers. Last Monday night, during which they burned homes and properties, committed murders, and terrorized children and women, just as they took children as human shields in Aqbat Jabr camp, whose residents today were subjected to intimidation and killing.

The Prime Minister welcomed the US condemnation of Smotrich's remarks tonight; He described her as disgusting and irresponsible. He called for this important condemnation to be associated with an act that puts an end to Israeli crimes and leads to opening a political horizon to end the occupation of our land and establish a Palestinian state in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy.

He said that Smotrich's statements reveal what Israeli officials have been hiding from terrorist policies and practices, which we knew about and were trying to convince the world of, until they became clear without any equivocation, which puts the world before its responsibilities.

The Prime Minister affirmed that our people, who have practiced steadfastness, confrontation, and defiance of Israeli terrorist policies and practices and thwarted them over the past long years of struggle, are able to confront and thwart the statements of Smotrich, Ben Gvir, and other extremist officials. They also thwarted the previous ones, and our people will remain rooted to their land, no matter how high the prices are, or how heavy the sacrifices are.


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Shtayyeh calls for the condemnation of Smotrich's terrorist statements against the town of Huwwara