Sun 23 Jun 2024 6:55 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israeli authorities transfer the detainee suffering from cancer, Muhammad Khudairat, to administrative detention

The Prisoners' and Ex-Prisoners' Affairs Authority and the Prisoners' Club reported today, Sunday, that the Israeli occupation intelligence transferred the detainee suffering from cancer, Muhammad Zayed Khudairat (21 years old), from the town of Al-Dhahiriya in Hebron, to administrative detention for a period starting from today until 11/30/2024, after a decision He was previously released on bail, which had been issued by the occupation military court in Ofer.

The authority and the club explained in a joint statement that the family of the detainee Khudairat had gone to receive him today, but they were surprised by the decision to order his arbitrary arrest.

They stressed that the administrative detention order against detainee Khudairat is a crime aimed at killing him slowly and systematically, as happened with many sick detainees, including cancer patients, who face medical crimes - unprecedented - on a scale since the beginning of the war of genocide against our people in Gaza.

They added that Khudairat had suffered from a tumor in the lymph nodes since childhood and underwent long treatment, after which the tumor was controlled. However, the tumor reappeared about a year ago, and he is still undergoing treatment. It was decided shortly before his arrest that he would be provided with doses of biological treatment according to the protocol. He was scheduled for treatment at Al-Najah National Hospital, and he received two doses out of 14 doses before his arrest.

The authority and the club stated that the occupation forces arrested Khudairat on June 1 after storming his house and abusing him and his family, against the backdrop of what is called “incitement.” Since his arrest, he has not undergone any treatment and has not been allowed to take his prescribed medications, even though the family had insisted on Giving medicines to the force that arrested him, as the occupation transferred him at the beginning of his arrest to “Etzion” detention center and then to “Ramle” prison. During the court session that was held for him last Thursday, Muhammad said to his father, who communicated with him via video conferencing technology, “I am dying.”

The Prisoners' Commission and the Prisoners' Club considered that the crime of arresting Khudairat is nothing but a new crime added to the record of unprecedented crimes carried out by the occupation, which has adopted a policy of administrative detention in a historically unprecedented manner against thousands of citizens, including the sick, the wounded, and the elderly. Children and women. It also adopted a policy of detention against the backdrop of what is called “incitement,” which in essence constitutes another facet of administrative detention, especially since everyone who was unable to file an “indictment” against the occupation on the grounds of incitement was transferred to administrative detention.

It is worth mentioning that the occupation prison administration has escalated medical crimes since the beginning of the aggression, which constituted the most prominent factor in the martyrdom of detainees, in addition to the crime of torture.

The Commission and the Prisoners' Club stated that there are at least 30 detainees in the occupation prisons suffering from cancer and tumors of varying degrees.

They renewed their demand for international human rights institutions, led by the United Nations, to assume their necessary responsibilities and end the state of helplessness that has dominated their role in the face of the ongoing war of extermination in Gaza and the comprehensive aggression throughout all of Palestine, including crimes against detainees that are considered an aspect of the ongoing genocide.


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Israeli authorities transfer the detainee suffering from cancer, Muhammad Khudairat, to administrative detention