Sun 23 Jun 2024 1:19 pm - Jerusalem Time

Palestinian female prisoners face difficult living conditions in Israeli Prison

Female prisoners in the occupation prisons face suffering that exceeds all imaginations during the arrest process or inside the cells, especially after the war last October.

The Commission for the Affairs of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners reported in a report today, Sunday, that the prisoner, Y.A., 24 years old, from the city of Ramallah, suffers from difficult detention conditions like other female prisoners, as she was arrested on May 6 of this year and sentenced to administrative imprisonment for three months.

The prisoner told the Commission’s lawyer that she is staying in Damoun Prison in a room containing ten female prisoners, with only four beds available, and there are female prisoners sleeping on the floor, and the food is bad and its quantity is small.

Regarding the circumstances of her detention, the prisoner told the Commission’s lawyer that the occupation forces arrested her from her home at three o’clock in the morning, where she was chained, then they took her to Ofer prison, where she remained until six o’clock in the morning, then she was transferred to the “Beit El” area until nine o’clock, and she was not allowed to She was allowed to enter the bathroom only once, before they returned her to the Ofer prison cells again for fifty minutes and subjected her to interrogation by a plainclothes officer. They later took her to Al-Maskobiyya for 16 consecutive days, then transferred her to Hasharon Prison while her hands and legs were tied for seven continuous hours without food, until she reached Damon Prison.

The prisoner added that the prison administration tried to bargain with her and offered her to study for a master’s degree abroad on the condition that she not return to the country, but the prisoner refused, knowing that she graduated from Birzeit University with a degree in pharmacy.


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Palestinian female prisoners face difficult living conditions in Israeli Prison