Sat 22 Jun 2024 6:14 pm - Jerusalem Time

"Gaza Government": The war deprived 800,000 students of their right to education

The government media office in the Gaza Strip announced on Saturday that the ongoing 9-month Israeli war on the Gaza Strip has deprived 800,000 students of their right to education.

The office said, in a statement published by the Ministry of Education in Gaza, that “more than 800,000 male and female students from various educational levels in the Gaza Strip were deprived of their right to education after they stopped studying since October 7, due to the genocidal war.” launched by the criminal Zionist occupation on the Gaza Strip.”

It added that among them are: “40,000 male and female students in the various branches of high school, who will not be able to join this session of the high school exams (baccalaureate, which began on Saturday), which represents a precedent and a serious violation that threatens their future and undermines their chances of enrolling in local and foreign universities and colleges.” .

On Saturday morning, about 50,000 students, both male and female, headed to the exam halls for the final year of the “Tawjihi” secondary stage in the West Bank governorates and Palestinian schools abroad, while the devastating Israeli war deprived Gaza Strip students of taking the exams.

The government journalist pointed out that, “Since the beginning of this war, the occupation has deliberately targeted children, women, and civilians. Tens of thousands were martyred, wounded, and arrested, including thousands of students and education workers.”

He explained that "85 percent of educational facilities were out of service as a result of their direct and deliberate targeting, which will pose a major challenge to efforts to resume the educational process after the end of the war."

The office added: “The necessary plans have been put in place to compensate for the academic year for students in grades one (primary) to eleven and for higher education students, to ensure that the academic year is not lost, and that they possess the basic concepts and skills necessary for the continuation of their subsequent learning.”


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"Gaza Government": The war deprived 800,000 students of their right to education