Wed 19 Jun 2024 9:56 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israeli army spokesman: Hamas is an idea that cannot be eliminated

Israeli occupation army spokesman Daniel Hagari said that talk about destroying the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) is ashes of dust, and as long as the government does not find an alternative to Hamas, the movement will remain, before the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office hastened to respond to that.

Hagari added - in an interview with the Israeli Channel 13 - that "the belief that it is possible to destroy the Hamas movement and hide it is ashes of dust in the eyes of the Israelis."

He pointed out that Hamas is an idea and a party, and that it is implanted in the hearts of people, and whoever believes that we can hide it is mistaken, and he continued, saying, "It is an idea that cannot be eliminated, as the Muslim Brotherhood exists in the region."

He went on to explain, "We are paying a heavy price in the war, but we cannot remain silent and do everything we can," pointing out the difficulty of reaching the leader of Hamas in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, but he said that "Shin Bet and Military Intelligence will find the way and kill him, and this is our goal." .

He pointed out that the army is working around the clock to return the "kidnapped" (captives) in Gaza alive despite the risks, and stressed that it is not possible to return all detainees by military means.

Regarding the Israeli operation in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, Hagari pointed out that the Rafah Brigade, affiliated with the Al-Qassam Brigades - the military wing of Hamas - was part of the October 7 attack, and that it served as oxygen for the movement.

He added, "We are close to eliminating it, and we will explain to the political level, and then the public, the military achievements that have been achieved."


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Israeli army spokesman: Hamas is an idea that cannot be eliminated