Wed 12 Jun 2024 9:21 am - Jerusalem Time

The UK resumes financial aid to the Palestinian Authority

The UK today announced the resumption of financial support for the Palestinian Authority, providing £10 million in aid in the current financial year.

This funding aims to provide basic services and pay the salaries of employees in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The British Foreign Secretary stressed that the presence of a strong and effective Palestinian Authority "is necessary to achieve lasting peace and make progress towards the two-state solution."

This funding will contribute to paying the salaries of 8,200 health sector workers over a period of two months.

In this context, Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Mustafa committed to implementing comprehensive reforms in the economic sector to combat corruption and address inefficiency.

Minister for Middle Eastern Affairs, Lord Ahmed, is expected to discuss this funding package with Prime Minister Mustafa on the sidelines of the International Humanitarian Response Conference in Gaza later today.

The Palestinian Authority is facing a severe financial crisis, as last month it was able to pay only half of its employees’ salaries for the month of March.


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The UK resumes financial aid to the Palestinian Authority