Wed 12 Jun 2024 8:14 am - Jerusalem Time

For the 250th day...Israel continues its aggression against Gaza, leaving dead and wounded

The Israeli occupation continues its aggression against the Gaza Strip for the 250th day, leaving dozens of dead and wounded, and widespread destruction of citizens’ homes, economic facilities, and infrastructure.

In the latest events, the Red Crescent announced the death of 6 citizens when the occupation aircraft bombed a house for the Azzam family near Al-Abrar Mosque in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, southeast of Gaza City.

Since the morning hours, the number of dead has risen to 14 as a result of the occupation raids on various areas in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli artillery bombed large areas in the center and west of Rafah: Al-Shaboura Camp, the Al-Balad area, the vicinity of Zoroub Roundabout, and Tal Zoroub, resulting in the death and injury of a number of citizens, including children and women.

Earlier today at dawn, 7 citizens were killed and a number were wounded in an Israeli missile strike that targeted a house for the Al-Fayoumi family in the Al-Shujaiya neighborhood, east of Gaza City. They arrived at Al-Baptist Hospital in the city.

A child was killed and a number of citizens were injured in an Israeli bombing that targeted a house in the Al-Nasr neighborhood, north of the city of Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip. It reached Nasser Hospital in the neighboring city of Khan Yunis.

Air strikes from an Israeli warplane targeted the center of Gaza City, while artillery shelling targeted the vicinity of the new camp north of Nuseirat, southeast of the Maghazi camp in the central Gaza Strip, and the eastern areas of the city of Khan Yunis in the south of the Strip.

The occupation army's artillery also bombed the surroundings of Khirbet Al-Adas, Al-Shaboura Camp, Yabna Camp, and the Tal Al-Sultan neighborhood in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

Dozens of citizens were killed and injured during the past 24 hours, as a result of attacks launched by the Israeli occupation army on various areas in the Gaza Strip.

The occupation army committed three massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, including 40 dead and 120 injuries to hospitals, thus raising the toll of the aggression on Gaza to 37,164 dead and 84,832 injuries since October 7, 2023.


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For the 250th day...Israel continues its aggression against Gaza, leaving dead and wounded