Tue 28 May 2024 1:28 pm - Jerusalem Time

The number of female prisoners in administrative detention has increased to (26)

The Prisoners' Club announced today, Tuesday, that the number of female prisoners administratively detained in Israeli occupation prisons has increased to (26) prisoners, after the prisoner Wafaa Jarrar was transferred to administrative detention.

The Prisoner Club added that prisoner Jarrar, who is in Afula Hospital, after she underwent surgery yesterday in which parts of her legs were amputated from below the knee, an administrative detention order was issued against her yesterday for a period of four months, despite the seriousness of her health condition.

The Prisoners' Club pointed out that the administrative detainees include three female journalists and a lawyer, in addition to mothers and wives of martyrs, prisoners, and students. They are among about (80) female prisoners sitting in (Damoun) prison, noting that this figure does not include all of Gaza's female detainees in the camps as a result of the continued... The crime of enforced disappearance against them.

In this context, we point out that after October 7, the occupation issued more than (5,900) administrative detention orders, and included all groups, including women, children, and the elderly, in addition to the most prominent group of former prisoners who spent years in administrative detention, in addition to Journalists, lawyers, doctors, teachers, students, engineers, workers, jurists, and activists.

It is noteworthy that the occupation continues to escalate administrative detention operations, at a pace that is historically unprecedented, as the number of administrative detainees reached 3,424 by the end of last April, and recently women have been increasingly targeted compared to the first periods of aggression after the seventh of October.


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The number of female prisoners in administrative detention has increased to (26)