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CNN: Violations and torture of Palestinian detainees in a secret detention center in the Negev (leaked photos)

A CNN investigation showed, on Friday, that there were violations and torture of Palestinian detainees by Israeli soldiers in a secret detention center in the Negev.

The investigation stated that at a military base that is now a detention center in the Israeli Negev Desert, an Israeli working at the facility took two photos of a scene that he says still haunts him.

Rows of men wearing gray tracksuits were seen sitting on paper-thin mattresses, surrounded by a barbed wire fence, all of them blindfolded, their heads hanging heavy under the glare of floodlights.

The Israeli who was in the facility told CNN that a foul smell filled the air, and the room was buzzing with the voices of men. They were prohibited from speaking to each other, and the detainees muttered to themselves.

He continued: "We were told that they are not allowed to move. They must sit upright. They are not allowed to talk. They are not allowed to peek under their blindfold."

The source added that the guards were instructed to "shout" - be silent in Arabic - and were asked to "select people who are causing trouble and punish them."

They paint a picture of a facility where doctors sometimes amputate prisoners' limbs due to injuries resulting from constant handcuffing; and medical procedures sometimes performed by unqualified doctors, earning it a reputation as a “paradise for trainees”; Where the air is filled with the smell of neglected wounds left to rot.

CNN spoke with three Israeli informants who worked in the Sde Teman desert camp, where Palestinian detainees were held during the Israeli invasion of Gaza. All of them have spoken out and are at risk of legal repercussions and reprisals from groups supporting Israel's hard-line policies in Gaza.

According to accounts, the facility located about 18 miles from the Gaza border is divided into two parts: containers where about 70 Palestinian detainees from Gaza are placed under severe physical restraints, and a field hospital where wounded detainees are tied to their beds, wear diapers, and are fed from Through plastic straws.

“They stripped them of anything resembling humans,” said one informant, who worked as a paramedic at the facility’s field hospital.

Another whistleblower said: The beating was not to gather intelligence. “It was done out of revenge.” It was punishment for what they did on October 7 and punishment for behavior in the camp.

In response to CNN's request for comment on all of the allegations in this report, the IDF said in a statement: “The IDF ensures appropriate behavior toward detainees in its custody, and any allegation of misconduct by IDF soldiers is examined and dealt with on this basis. In appropriate cases, Open military police investigations when there is suspicion of misconduct that justifies such action.

The Israeli military did not directly deny accounts of people being stripped naked or detained in diapers.


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CNN: Violations and torture of Palestinian detainees in a secret detention center in the Negev (leaked photos)