Sat 20 Apr 2024 9:24 am - Jerusalem Time

West Bank: Israel continues its aggression in Nour Shams camp in Tulkarm

The Israeli occupation forces continue their aggression against Nour Shams camp, east of Tulkarm, for the second day in a row.

The aggression resulted in the death of at least two citizens, one of whom was a child, and the injury of others, four of whom were taken to the hospital, while eyewitnesses from inside the camp said that five young men werekilled, and the Israeli occupation forces are still holding their bodies and preventing ambulance crews from reaching them.

On Thursday evening, the Israeli occupation forces, accompanied by military bulldozers, stormed Nour Shams camp and imposed a siege on it, amid acts of sabotage and deliberate destruction of the infrastructure and citizens’ homes and property.

The Israeli forces carried out raids and search campaigns that affected dozens of homes in all neighborhoods of the camp, during which they arrested dozens of young men, assaulted citizens, abused them, tampered with the contents of their homes, wreaked havoc and destruction, and subjected a number of young men to field investigation.

The Israeli forces pushed more military reinforcements into the camp, amid heavy firing of bullets and flash bombs, and in conjunction with intense flights of reconnaissance aircraft in the sky of Tulkarm and the region.

The Israeli forces obstructed the work of medical teams, and are still preventing ambulances from entering the camp to transport the bodies of the martyrs and evacuate the injured to hospitals.

The destruction of the infrastructure in the camp caused a blackout in electricity, water, communications, and the Internet, isolating the camp from its surroundings, while sounds of clashes and explosions are heard from time to time in the camp and the Tulkarm camp adjacent to it.

Today, Saturday, the national and Islamic forces in Tulkarm announced a mourning for the souls of the martyrs, and a comprehensive commercial strike for all aspects of life, denouncing the crimes of the occupation and its aggression against our people.


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West Bank: Israel continues its aggression in Nour Shams camp in Tulkarm