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Israel failed to cover up its crimes.. Mass graves in Gaza expose the horror in Gaza

Mass graves of Palestinians buried by the Israeli army were found in the courtyard of the Shifa Medical Complex in the northern Gaza Strip.

According to the government media office in Gaza, the bodies of martyrs executed by the occupation army and buried during its military operations were found in the hospital. Part of it is decomposed and other parts are body parts, some of which belong to women.

400 executions

The media office also revealed that the Israeli forces executed more than 400 martyrs from the complex, as dozens of decomposed or burned bodies were found buried collectively or individually in various parts of the medical complex.

As for what was discovered yesterday, Monday, in Beit Lahia, north of the Gaza Strip, it is no less horrific than before, as twenty decomposed bodies were found buried in a mass grave.

It is estimated that the martyrs were field-executed by Israeli soldiers four months ago, and the Israeli forces deliberately left their bodies dumped in the streets or buried them in random mass graves.

120 random mass graves

After the withdrawal of the Israeli army, the rescue and ambulance teams of the Red Crescent were unable to reach the bodies of the martyrs, which remained stuck under the rubble as a result of the military operations.

Rescuers in the Gaza Strip indicated that some of them were mauled by cats and dogs, which prompted people to dig mass graves and bury the bodies of known or unknown people due to the decomposition of the bodies.

It reflects the mass graves that were discovered; Systematic extermination policy by the Israeli army.

The Euro-Mediterranean Center documented the presence of 120 random mass graves, which were dug inside public squares and around hospitals, and others were dug in spaces separating streets, schools, playgrounds, markets, and even homes.

Sources: Al-Arabi


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Israel failed to cover up its crimes.. Mass graves in Gaza expose the horror in Gaza