Mon 15 Apr 2024 3:32 pm - Jerusalem Time

The War Council is considering a “limited” response to the Iranian attack

The Israeli War Council meets again, Monday, to hold another discussion regarding a possible response to the unprecedented Iranian attack, while an Israeli official said that the council is considering a limited attack on a facility inside Iran.

The new meeting comes after Israeli officials said that the majority in the war government supports a response to the Iranian attack, but there is a division over its timing and scope.

An Israeli official said that the war council was considering launching an attack on an Iranian facility as a message but that it would avoid causing casualties.

CNN also quoted Israeli officials as saying that the War Council is determined to respond to Iran's attack, and that its members are discussing its timing and scope, noting that the War Council is also studying diplomatic options to increase Iran's international isolation.

The same source stated that War Council member Benny Gantz pushed for a faster response to the Iranian attack, and that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has so far refrained from making a decision.

Israeli officials said that yesterday's war council meeting ended without taking a clear position on the Israeli response to what Iran did with missiles and drones in response to the targeting of its consulate in Damascus on the first of this month.

Israeli Channel 12 revealed that the meeting extended for long hours and witnessed disagreements between officials regarding the nature and timing of the response to the Iranian targeting. According to the channel, additional sessions are expected to be held in order to take a unified and decisive position.

While the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation revealed that an Israeli military response was canceled after a conversation between Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden, the Wall Street Journal quoted Western officials as expecting that Israel would soon respond to the Iranian attack.

Regional conflict

For its part, the American network "NBC" quoted an Israeli official in the Israeli Prime Minister's Office that Israel will consult with all its partners regarding the response to Iran, but the decision in the end is up to it.

The Israeli official added that Israel cannot allow such a major attack on it without responding, and that the matter is up to the war council to decide.

The network said that senior American officials are concerned that Israel may respond hastily to Iranian attacks and spark a broader regional conflict that Washington may be drawn into.

It quoted informed sources that US President Joe Biden secretly expressed his concern that Netanyahu would try to drag Washington into a broader conflict.

It also quoted a senior US administration official as saying that Biden informed Netanyahu in a phone call on Saturday evening that the United States would not participate in offensive operations against Iran, and that Israel should not launch a retaliatory response against Iran.

For his part, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant said that "impressive results" were achieved by Israel in partnership with the Americans in confronting the Iranian attack, as he described it. Galant added that Israel has an opportunity to establish a strategic alliance against the Iranian threat.

The Israeli army said that Iran fired about 350 missiles and drones at Israel and reported that most of them were repelled, but it acknowledged that some of the missiles hit a military base in the Negev and caused minor damage to it.

On the other hand, Iran considered that the strikes it directed against Israel hit its targets accurately, and warned that it would respond forcefully to any Israeli attack targeting its territory.


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The War Council is considering a “limited” response to the Iranian attack