Sun 14 Apr 2024 7:24 pm - Jerusalem Time

The White House: We do not seek a more widespread war with Iran

A senior White House official announced on Sunday that the United States does not want an escalation of the crisis in the Middle East, after Israel repelled a drone and missile attack launched by Iran.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told NBC: “We do not want to see an escalation of the situation. We do not seek a more widespread war with Iran.”

Israel was on high alert on Sunday after the unprecedented Iranian attack raised fears of an expansion of the conflict.

Iran carried out its direct attack on Israel on the night of Saturday-Sunday, in response to the attack on its consulate building in Damascus on April 1.

US President Joe Biden reaffirmed Washington's "steadfast" support for Israel, indicating in a statement that he would call on the G7 leaders on Sunday to coordinate a "unified diplomatic response" to the "brazen" Iranian attack.

The Axios news website reported that the US President told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he would oppose an Israeli counterattack on Iran and that the Prime Minister should be "satisfied with this victory."

Kirby added in the interview that the United States will remain prepared to confront any Iranian threat to American forces.

"We made clear to all parties, including Iran, what we will do... as well as how seriously we will deal with any potential threats to our crews," he said.


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The White House: We do not seek a more widespread war with Iran