Sun 14 Apr 2024 11:45 pm - Jerusalem Time

West Bank: 9 injuries by Israeli army bullets and settler attacks

Eight Palestinians were injured by Israeli army gunfire on Sunday, while settlers assaulted a ninth, in various parts of the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported, in a brief statement, that the number of injured Palestinians in the Jalazoun camp, north of Ramallah, had risen to 5.

It said, "Five injuries from occupation bullets arrived at Istishari Hospital from Jalazoun camp, including 3 whose condition was described as serious."

The Ministry had previously announced that "a serious injury was transferred by live occupation bullets in the chest to the Istishari Hospital from the Jalazoun camp."

In addition to the five injured people from the camp, the Ministry of Health reported that medical teams at the Palestine Medical Complex dealt with “two serious and minor injuries from the town of Al-Mazraa Al-Sharqiya (east of Ramallah).”

Regarding the wounded in Al-Mazraa, the official Palestinian News Agency said that two young men were injured by live bullets “during colonists and occupation soldiers attacking the town of Al-Mazraa Al-Sharqiya.”

The agency quoted local sources as saying, "One of them was hit with live bullets in the head and the other was hit with live bullets in the foot."

In the northeastern city of Qalqilya, according to the agency, a young man was injured by “three bullets in the hand and foot while he was near the separation and apartheid wall in the village of Habla (southeast of Qalqilya).”

She added that the injured young man was transferred to "Darwish Nazzal Governmental Hospital in Qalqilya, and his injury is stable."

In the town of Al-Khader, west of Bethlehem, “Alaa Omar Abu Ghalioun (42 years old) suffered bruises and wounds as a result of the colonists’ assault on him while he was on his land, and he was transferred to Beit Jala Governmental Hospital,” according to the agency.

From Friday evening until Sunday morning, settlers carried out widespread attacks in Palestinian towns, which led to the death of two Palestinians, the wounding of dozens of people, and the burning of dozens of homes and vehicles.

According to data from the Palestinian Wall and Settlement Resistance Authority, settlers carried out 546 attacks against Palestinians and their property in the West Bank during the first quarter of 2024, including attacks on 156 vehicles by destroying or burning them.


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West Bank: 9 injuries by Israeli army bullets and settler attacks