Sat 02 Mar 2024 7:15 pm - Jerusalem Time

Borrell calls for a truce in Gaza and an impartial investigation into the Nabulsi massacre

European Union foreign policy coordinator Josep Borrell called for a truce in Gaza, and called for an impartial international investigation into the Nabulsi massacre, in which 117 Palestinians were martyred by Israeli occupation bullets while trying to obtain food aid.

Borrell said that an immediate humanitarian truce leading to a permanent ceasefire is needed to deliver aid and protect civilians in Gaza.

The European official urged the UN Security Council to call for "an urgent cessation of fighting in Gaza and to stress the need to allow humanitarian aid to reach Gaza."

He said that it is Israel's responsibility to comply with the rules of international law and protect the distribution of aid to the residents of Gaza.

It's unjustified

He said, "Israeli soldiers shooting at civilians trying to access food is unjustified."

Earlier, Borrell wrote on the X platform, “I am horrified by reports of another massacre among civilians in Gaza who are in dire need of humanitarian aid,” adding that the deaths are “completely unacceptable.”

It is noteworthy that 117 Palestinians were murdered and 760 others were injured - Thursday - when the Israeli army opened fire on a crowd of people receiving a food aid convoy at the Nabulsi roundabout in Gaza City.

Since last October 7, Israel has been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip, leaving more than 30,300 killed and 70,000 wounded, most of them women and children, in addition to an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe, massive destruction of infrastructure, and the displacement and starvation of most of the Strip’s residents.


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Borrell calls for a truce in Gaza and an impartial investigation into the Nabulsi massacre