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The Washington Post: Restructuring the Palestinian Authority is a prelude to governing Gaza after the war

The Washington Post saw that the Palestinian Authority, which administers parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank, is witnessing a restructuring process after President Mahmoud Abbas accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh and his government. This represents a potential path to revitalizing Palestinian governance, which Washington and other countries say is necessary for the Palestinian Authority to assume a major role in post-war Gaza.

The newspaper considered, “The acceptance by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of the resignation of his prime minister and his government, today, Monday, is a step that opens the door to the formation of a new technocratic government in the Palestinian territories, as the United States and its Arab allies are pressing for the Palestinian Authority to play a role in the long-term management of the Gaza Strip after the war.”

The newspaper pointed out the reasons that prompted the government to resign, and quoted the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Muhammad Shtayyeh, as saying that he submitted his offer of resignation due to “the important political, security and economic developments resulting from the Israeli war in Gaza and the violence in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and that the next stage and its challenges require a new government and arrangements.” A policy that takes into account the new reality in the Gaza Strip, national unity, and the urgent need to achieve Palestinian consensus.”

The newspaper says, “The Biden administration has pushed towards revitalizing the Palestinian Authority to manage Gaza and assume security responsibilities after the war, but the idea is not popular with the Israeli government and even many Palestinians.”

The Washington Post explains that the war in the Gaza Strip prompted international efforts to breathe new life into the besieged Palestinian Authority. In recent months, American officials have shuttled to Ramallah, discussing ways to legitimize the ruling body there so that it can play a leadership role in Gaza after the war.

The newspaper quotes American officials as saying, “They did not make specific requests, but they encourage the establishment of a technocratic government and the appointment of a new prime minister authorized to work side by side with Mahmoud Abbas.”

But the newspaper stops at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rejection of the role of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza after the war, as his plan “for the next day” is based on the fact that Israel wants to see “local entities with administrative experience to run the civil administration.” Hence, the newspaper believes that there are still major obstacles after Israel said that it will not accept the Palestinian Authority’s rule over Gaza in any scenario after the war, and that it strongly opposes Washington’s calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state.


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The Washington Post: Restructuring the Palestinian Authority is a prelude to governing Gaza after the war