Mon 19 Feb 2024 7:49 am - Jerusalem Time

Hebrew media: Israel is abusing Hamas prisoners

The private Hebrew Channel 13 reported that elite Hamas fighters detained in Israeli prisons "suffer severe and difficult procedures and are crowded into very small cells amid hunger, cold and hardship."

This came in a television report broadcast by the channel about the Palestinian prisoners, whom the channel said were “elite” members of the “Al-Qassam” Brigades affiliated with the Hamas movement, who were arrested during the attacks of October 7, 2023.

The channel says, "Prisoners of the Hamas elite suffer from very difficult conditions, as they are always shivering from the cold, and are forced to bend their heads while sitting on the ground. The cell rooms are very small, and the beds are unmade and without covers."

On a daily basis, the jailers play loud songs in Hebrew, including the song “The People of Israel Are Alive,” inside the small cells where prisoners of the Hamas elite are crowded, according to the report.

The report shows the presence of police dogs accompanying the jailers every time they inspect these prisoners.

According to the television report, “More than 5 prisoners are confined in one very small cell, and the food provided to them is very little.”


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Hebrew media: Israel is abusing Hamas prisoners