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The Palestinian President is preparing to form a "technocratic" government headed by Muhammad Mustafa

Informed sources revealed to Al-Sharq on Saturday that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is preparing to form a new government, in preparation for the next day of the war on Gaza, with the security and reconstruction of the Strip being its top priorities.

The sources explained that the new government will be a "technocrat" and not a political government, pointing out that the Palestinian President nominated the head of the Investment Fund, Muhammad Mustafa, to assume the position.

The sources reported that a team of experts prepared a plan for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, at the request of Abbas, and one of the most prominent features of this plan is “establishing a reconstruction authority” that operates under the supervision of the World Bank and is subject to an international accounting firm.

Topics of the Qatar meeting

The sources indicated that Abbas will present the idea of the new government to the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, during their meeting in Doha, next Monday, to present it to the Hamas movement.

Abbas's visit to the Qatari capital comes at the invitation of Prince Tamim bin Hamad, to discuss opportunities for Hamas to join the Palestine Liberation Organization, and to discuss extending the influence of the Palestinian Authority to Gaza after the end of the war, in addition to the reconstruction of the Strip, based on common "Palestinian-Palestinian" understandings. .

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken suggested to the Palestinian President, in his penultimate visit, to prepare for the day after the war, and not to wait until the war ends. He proposed establishing a government more representative of the Palestinian people, and developing a plan for reform and reconstruction.

Informed sources said that Abbas briefed Blinken during his recent visit on the ongoing preparations to form the new government and the reconstruction plan, in addition to another plan to reform the administrative, legal and financial systems of the Authority.

Abbas stipulated that Washington guarantee Israel's release of Palestinian funds held by Tel Aviv, before proceeding with changing the government.

Hamas welcomes, but on one condition

In the same context, Hamas officials told Al-Sharq that they welcome cooperation with the Palestinian Authority regarding the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, but there is a need for understanding on every step, including members of the government, and the nature of the body that will supervise the reconstruction. Its working system and references.

Hamas demands the formation of "a national reference for the government and the Reconstruction Authority, in which various Palestinian political forces and independent national figures participate."

Hamas officials also welcomed Qatar's efforts to reach "Palestinian-Palestinian" understandings regarding the nature of the government and the authority responsible for reconstruction, and the movement pledged not to disrupt these efforts aimed at rebuilding Gaza and helping the people of the Gaza Strip confront the effects of the war.

An Israeli plan... a Palestinian response

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the Israeli army, on Friday, to develop a “double plan” to evacuate Palestinian civilians from the crowded city of Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, and “defeat” the last Hamas fighters there, in light of mounting pressure on Tel Aviv, due to its threat. Launching a ground attack on Rafah.

Netanyahu's office said in a statement, "It is impossible to achieve the goal of the war without eliminating Hamas and the remnants of 4 Hamas brigades in Rafah. On the contrary, it is clear that the intense activity in Rafah requires the evacuation of civilians from the combat areas."

In turn, the Palestinian presidency expressed its "strong rejection", condemnation and denunciation of the statements made by Netanyahu regarding the evacuation of Rafah.

It considered in a statement that these plans constitute “a real threat and a dangerous prelude to the implementation of the rejected Israeli policy that aims to displace the Palestinian people from their land.”

While relief groups warned of a large number of Palestinian casualties if Israeli forces stormed Rafah, they also warned of the worsening humanitarian crisis in the city located on the border with Egypt.


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The Palestinian President is preparing to form a "technocratic" government headed by Muhammad Mustafa