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Israeli Knesset intends to ban UNRWA, and the right calls for the resettlement of Gaza

International newspapers continue to highlight the repercussions of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip and the ideas and projects being raised inside Israel, as well as fears of the expansion of the conflict and the outbreak of a regional war.

The newspaper "Israel Today" said that the Israeli Knesset intends to discuss a draft law submitted by Knesset member Yulia Malinowski from the "Israel Our Home" bloc, demanding the end of relations with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees (UNRWA), whether directly or indirectly, preventing any of its activities, and imposing sanctions on... the organization.

The newspaper indicated that the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee in the Knesset (Parliament) will discuss this issue on February 20.

In turn, an analysis on the American Al-Monitor website said that the extreme right in Israel defends without deterrence the return of settlers to Gaza, adding that the Israeli extreme right - as part of preparations for the upcoming elections - has already begun a campaign to resettle the Jewish communities that were evacuated during the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. Gaza in 2005.

The article points out that for such a step to take place, the Knesset must repeal the Gaza Disengagement Law of 2005.

For its part, the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" said that the European Union is considering imposing sanctions on "extremist" settlers in the West Bank, following the executive order issued by US President Joe Biden, which includes sanctions against 4 of the toughest settlers in Israel.

The newspaper notes that European sanctions are likely to include a ban on entry into the European Union and a freeze on assets, adding that it is unclear whether the countries that have stood by Israel since the outbreak of the war will support such a step.

As for Kamel Ahmed, he wrote an article in the British newspaper “The Guardian” about what happened to the history and culture of the Gaza Strip as a result of the Israeli war, noting that more than 200 buildings of cultural and historical importance were turned into rubble, including mosques, cemeteries and museums.

The writer said that the few Palestinians who remained in their homes and the much larger number who were displaced with the hope of returning, their culture and history turned into memories.

In turn, the French newspaper "Liberation" wrote from Baghdad about the growing mixed feelings among Iraqis regarding regional tension, noting that "there is a clear escalation of anti-American sentiment, and on the other hand there is a fear that Iraq will turn into a war zone in the future."

The newspaper adds that the situation in Gaza is strongly present in the Iraqi street, and quoted Iraqis as saying that the suffering of the Palestinians is tearing their hearts apart.


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Israeli Knesset intends to ban UNRWA, and the right calls for the resettlement of Gaza