Sun 04 Feb 2024 12:59 pm - Jerusalem Time

Palestinian detainees released by Israel show signs of aggravated torture

The testimonies collected from a number of Palestinians who disappeared at the hands of the Israeli occupying forces in Khan Yunis, in the south of the Gaza Strip, and who were released yesterday [February 1, 2024] in Rafah, state of aggravated physical and psychological torture practiced against them by the Israeli prison administration.

The detainees bore visible marks of torture and beatings on their bodies, including their legs, feet and arms. Mahmoud Al-Nabulsi said: "The army entered my house in the Al-Amal neighborhood of Khan Yunis and I told them that I was sick and that I could not move. They arrested me, put me in a demolished house and took us then transferred to detention centers in Israel. 

I stayed in prison for ten days. "Every day we were beaten and tortured. I have never seen such torture in my life. They carried out the worst forms of torture against us.""If I had stayed in prison two more days, I would have died. They asked me about the tunnels and Israeli prisoners of war held in Gaza, and I told them I knew nothing. I'm 70 years old," he explained. "We didn't drink water in the prison for four days. They poured water on the ground in front of us to torture us when we were thirsty," he added. 

Khaled Al-Nabris said: "When we evacuated Khan Yunis, we took the route that along the sea: "When we evacuated Khan Yunis, we took the road along the sea. When we passed the checkpoint, I was kidnapped by Israeli army forces. They took us to prisons, we were subjected to severe torture, we were covered with water-soaked blankets, we remained in the extreme cold and we did not drink water.""The army transferred us to another place. We were subjected to different types of torture. Each place had a different torture process. 

The officer would hit me on the head and when I complained, he would hit me even more. I couldn't sleep because cold," he added. "In addition to physical torture, we are subjected to great psychological humiliation... insults and other things," he explained. The detainees, - he added, "are subjected to double torture, because they are attacked by dogs while they sleep."


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Palestinian detainees released by Israel show signs of aggravated torture